Қазақстан темiр жолы

Social responsibility


NC KTZ JSC, realizing the social responsibility of business, accepts voluntary obligations for socially responsible participation in the life of the Company's employees, the population in the regions of the Company's activities and society as a whole.

The company provides its employees with a guaranteed social package, which includes various types of benefits, creates all conditions for professional and personal development, pays special attention to youth policy, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, conducts a large-scale charity campaign. Significant support is provided to pensioners and families of employees.

Within the framework of the Sectoral Agreement on Social and Labor Issues and the Collective Agreement for 2024-2026, the Company's employees are provided with social guarantees for the protection of labor rights, remuneration, labor protection, health and recreation for them and their children, as well as additional standards for improving their social situation. The Collective Agreement provides for the provision of medical care for all employees, sanatorium-resort rehabilitation of employees and pensioners, summer recreation for children, reimbursement of expenses for the treatment of disabled people and care for the disabled, etc.

The Collective Agreement sets out the following obligations of the Company:

compliance with the norms in the field of social and labor relations;

providing material support and social guarantees to employees, unemployed pensioners, disabled people in the Company, as well as victims of industrial accidents and occupational diseases;

provision of social guarantees to young people, families of employees, including summer holidays and health improvement of children of employees of the Company.


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