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Wastewater discharges

Discharges of pollutants with wastewater are carried out during the maintenance and preparation of wagons for operation associated with their washing and washing.

In 2022, discharges of pollutants from wastewater amounted to 283,6 tons, which is 23% less than in 2020 (306.5 tons).

The decrease in the volume of discharges is due to a decrease in the number of cars supplied to the car washing point at the Anar station of the Astana Operational Wagon Depot of the branch of the Akmola branch of KTZ-Freight Transportation LLP, as well as a decrease in the volume of water consumption by car washing enterprises.

The company, when washing wagons, discharges wastewater to filtration fields, storage tanks, drainage is carried out in a septic tank with a filter well. Wastewater after treatment is taken out for discharge into the city sewer system. The Company does not discharge polluted waters into natural surface reservoirs.

The calculation of the norms of the maximum permissible discharge is carried out on the basis of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The main ingredients polluting the water body are petroleum products, phenol, nitrates, nitrites, ammonium nitrogen, suspended solids, phosphates, chlorides, sulfates, etc.



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