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Board of directors

The Board of Directors determines strategic goals, priorities for development and sets long-term key guidelines for Company’s activities, as well as ensures the availability of relevant financial and human resources to implement the goals set. The Board of Directors executes control over performance of the executive authority of NC KTZ JSC.

Composition of the Board of Directors ensures fair and impartial representation of interests of the Sole Shareholder.

The quantitative composition and term of office of the Board of Directors is determined by the Sole Shareholder. Taking into account the changes that have occurred this year in the composition of the Board of Directors, the average tenure of members of the Board of Directors on the Board of Directors is 1.3 years.

The Board of Directors is accountable for effective management and due control over the Company’s performance to the Sole Shareholder.

The Board of Directors determines areas for strategic development of the Company, considers and adopts resolutions on issues related to production and finance.

Monitoring of implementation of adopted resolutions with further regular notification of the Board of Directors is conducted on an ongoing basis. The Office of the Corporate Secretary (hereinafter referred to as “the Office”) was established to ensure performance of the functions of the Corporate Secretary in NC KTZ JSC. The Office is a business unit of the Company with six employees. Employees of the Office possess relevant competencies and skills, sufficient to exercise their duties.

In 2023, the Board of Directors of NC KTZ JSC held 16 in-person and 1 absentee meetings, at which 180 issues were considered, of which:

- Issues of activities of services accountable to the Board of Directors - 39;

- Strategic issues - 26;

- Reporting - 28;

- Corporate governance – 20;

- Issues of concluding transactions – 17;

- Approvals of internal documents – 20;

- Personnel issues – 12;

- Other issues – 33.


Nominations and Remuneration Committee:

1. J.(I.) McKay - Chairman of the Committee;

2. U.Wokurka - Committee member;

3. Y. Otynshiyev - Committee member;

4. N. Godunova  - Committee member.


Strategy and Finance Committee:

1 A.Schierhuber - Chairman of the Committee;

2. J.(I.) McKay - Committee member;

3. K. Irubayev - Committee member;

4. U.Wokurka - Committee member;

5. Y. Berdigulov - Committee member;

6. A.Ryskulov - Committee member;


Committee on Safety and Environmental Protection 

1. A.Schierhuber - Acting Chairman of the Committee;

2. K. Irubayev - Committee member;

3. U.Wokurka - Committee member.


Audit Committee:

1. U.Wokurka - Chairman of the Committee;

2. A.Schierhuber - Committee member;

3. J.(I.) McKay - Committee member.



Regultaions on BoD JSC NC KTZ
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Regulations on the strategy and finance committee of the board of directors of joint stock company JSC NC KTZ
Regulations on the Committee on safety and Environmental Protection
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The Regulations on the Corporate Secretary of the National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC and his Office
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