Қазақстан темiр жолы

Waste management

As part of waste reduction, the Company carries out separate waste collection: waste paper, defective electronic equipment (BEO), plastic, scrap metal, waste oil, batteries, tires, with subsequent transfer to third-party organizations for recycling on a reimbursable basis.

In 2022, 89,077 tons of waste were sold for recycling and reuse by the Company in the amount of KZT 6 million.

In the reporting year , it was transferred :

waste paper – 36.2 tons;

plastic – 4,03 tons;

glass – 1.9 tons;

used batteries – 30.3 tons;

used office equipment – 13.2 tons;

used car tires – 4.2 tons.


Waste volumes in the period from 2020 to 2022, tons









Also, in order to reduce the volume of paper consumption in the Company's offices, an electronic document management system and an integrated "Industrial Safety" system are used. These systems allow you to reduce the amount of paper used to a minimum.

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