Қазақстан темiр жолы

Environmental protection activities


Environmental aspects
Rationing of environmental aspects
Sources of environmental aspects
Applied aspect management measures
Protection of the atmosphere
Emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere
Projects of maximum permissible emissions are normalized, exceeding the standards entails excessive payments and fines
Boiler plants, furnaces, welding machines, paint and varnish materials, vehicles, rolling stock, coal and ash warehouses, etc.
The acquisition of more environmentally friendly rolling stock and its modernization, the transfer of coal-fired boilers to cleaner fuels, the use of electric boilers, heat pumps and solar collectors
Protection of water resources
Discharges of pollutants with wastewater
Projects of maximum permissible discharges are normalized, exceeding the standards entails excessive payments and fines
Car washing points, sewage systems, waste meltwater
Construction of sewage treatment plants at the points of washing and washing of freight and passenger cars, as well as for the treatment of meltwater
Land protection
Waste of consumption and production
They are normalized by passports of hazardous waste, exceeding the volume of waste threatens with penalties
Solid household waste, used oils, ash slag, rubber products, scrap metal, used fluorescent lamps, etc.
Reduction of waste generation through reuse and segregation with subsequent delivery to interested parties


There were no excess payments from the total volume of regulatory payments for emissions in 2022

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