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The code of Ethics and conduct of NC KTZ JSC and its subsidiaries


By the decision of the Company's Board of Directors dated September 20, 2019 (Protocol No. 14), the new Code of Ethics and conduct of NC KTZ JSC and its subsidiaries was approved.


The Code contains a management Letter signed by the Chairman of the management Board and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, which reflects that compliance with the principles of business ethics and responsible behavior are the main elements of the corporate culture in the Company.


The Code is aimed at improving the corporate culture and provides for the principles of conducting an open and honest business, standards and norms of ethics and behavior based on the declared corporate values.


Evaluation of the effectiveness of the system of compliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct is carried out within the framework of internal and external independent diagnostics of corporate governance of NC KTZ JSC.


The provisions of the Code apply to all officials and employees of NC KTZ JSC and its subsidiaries, regardless of their position.


Informing employees about the need to comply with the Code is carried out by the company's Compliance service on an ongoing basis, through training events.


In accordance with the internal rules of the Company for the certification of employees, the test tasks check the knowledge of the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, which allows you to assess the level of awareness of employees about corporate values and principles, as well as their ability to apply them in practice.


In order to form an anti-corruption culture and broadcast the key messages of NC KTZ JSC in the field of ethics and compliance, developed:


a) online training course on the following topics: "Anti-Corruption" and "Code of Ethics and Conduct", which is distance learning and testing system of NC KTZ JSC. This system provides for the automation of the verification of students' knowledge at the end of training with the exception of the human factor;


b) the Compliance module, which is installed in the corporate mobile application. The module contains internal documents and informational presentations on compliance issues, as well as provides access to the hotline in one click. 


Business partners, customers, suppliers, and other third parties who interact with or represent the Company must adhere to the provisions of the Code.


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