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World Day for Safety at Work was celebrated at the railway


Railway workers took an active part in the celebration of World Day of Safety at Work. This year, the central topic of discussion was the impact of climate change on occupational safety and health.

In all divisions and branches of KTZ, seminars and round tables were held to discuss issues related to safety in the workplace, with the participation of representatives of the state labor inspectorate, trade unions and employers.

According to established tradition, competitions were held, information posters and other means of visual propaganda on the topic of labor protection were prepared. For motivation purposes, the most distinguished occupational safety specialists are awarded.
To provide additional impetus to the prevention of occupational injuries and occupational diseases, meetings and meetings dedicated to World Occupational Safety and Health Day were held in all work collectives with the participation of top managers. Information brochures and leaflets on workplace safety have been distributed. Psychologists and experts on stress management and psychological well-being in the workplace held consultations at the locomotive depots. Structural divisions organized children's drawing competitions and excursions for schoolchildren to production facilities. The purpose of the events is to develop a safety culture among the younger generation and an attentive attitude to labor safety issues.

“Safety and labor protection, preserving the life and health of each employee is a priority in the company’s activities. Our main goal is to achieve zero injury conditions. The means to achieve this goal is effective prevention. Each of us is required to strictly follow the rules and safety requirements and show intolerance to any kind of violations. All employee initiatives aimed at improving the safety situation will be supported,” said Ramazan Sadyrkulov, chief engineer and director of the Technical Policy Department of NC KTZ JSC.

The company implements the programs “Behavioural Safety Dialogues”, “Stop the Danger!”, and “Incidents without Consequences”. To achieve zero injuries, every worker must remember that they can refuse to perform unsafe work without any consequences for themselves.

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