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Transportation of a pontoon bridge, special equipment, special trains and additional cars: railway workers help regions affected by floods


From Kapchagay station to Shubarkudyk station, railway workers delivered a unique cargo in a short time - a pontoon-bridge park with a carrying capacity of 20 tons. 12 platforms are used to transport it. The cargo included 9 pieces of equipment: a floating transporter on caterpillar tracks, boats, an inflatable boat and more. A special car has been provided for military personnel. The cargo traveled 2370 km in 48 hours, 4 times exceeding the standard delivery time for cargo through the KTZ network. The structure, which can withstand a load of up to 60 tons, was installed along the Uil River to restore transport links in the Uil region and transport people, animals, humanitarian cargo and equipment.

Due to the erosion of the road, delivery of residents and food products to the village of Atasu from the regional center and back was organized by rail.
A front loader was sent by rail from the Ayagoz station to prevent the threat of flooding in the village of Tansyk. The Semey branch quickly organized the delivery of a platform loaded with special equipment. To evacuate residents of the village of Yagodnoye, Atbasar district, Akmola region, where there was a threat of flooding, a high-capacity passenger vehicle was provided. More than 200 tons of humanitarian cargo were sent from the Kapchagay station from the Almaty region to the cities of Uralsk and Atyrau. KTZ is taking measures to prioritize the promotion of this cargo. Workers at the Uralsk station and rescuers went out to strengthen the dam.


Railway workers collected over 1.2 tons of humanitarian cargo: food and hygiene products. Evacuation of the population by rail continues from the flooded areas of the Atyrau region. As of 10.30 on April 7, 2024, 3688 passengers were transported.

Evacuation of the population by rail continues from the flooded areas of the Atyrau region. At of 10.30 on April 7,  2024, 3688 passengers were transported. Additional carriages have been organized to transport people along the Balkhash-Karaganda route.
In general, the railway is operating normally. The flood situation is under control. The operational headquarters is functioning. 45 anti-wash-out trains and 47 fire-fighting trains are in full readiness. At a joint tactical exercise on the Ereymentau-Ekibastuz section, actions to eliminate emergency situations were practiced, and the readiness of the warning and communication system was tested.

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