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Three KTZ enterprises reached zero industrial injuries in 2023


In 2023, 73% of line-level divisions of KTZ demonstrated their commitment to the safety of production processes. These enterprises have been working for more than five years without fatal injuries. 276 enterprises in the course of more than twenty years have admitted cases of traumatism. Three enterprises have been working for a long time - more than 30 years - without accidents. Among them are the Sekseul operational locomotive depot, the Akzhayik signaling and communication station, and the Kazalina power supply station.

The Sekseul locomotive depot was founded in 1904. The total number of employees is 387, of which 269 are locomotive crews. Truck drivers at the depot transport cargo on the sections Sekseul-Shalkar-Kandyagash-Aktobe, Sekseul-Kazaly and Sekseul-Koskol. In 2021, the certificate of trust in the field of occupational safety and health was awarded to the 1st class.

198 people work in the Akzhayik remote signaling and communication branch of "NC "KTZ" JSC - "Atyrau branch highway network". The station is engaged in the maintenance and repair of railway automation, telemechanics and communication on the section Atyrau-Sagiz with a length of 267 km. 

In 1977, the Kazalin district electric power supply branch of "NC "KTZ" JSC - "Kyzylorda branch of the main network" was established. There are 146 people in the state. The distance provides electricity to consumers adjacent to the main railway network and settlements where there are no other sources of electricity. 

Employees are regularly trained in labor protection and technical safety at the enterprises. All workplaces comply with safety and labor protection requirements, workers are provided with personal protective equipment and special clothing. Special attention is paid to the sanitary question and household provision of employees, equipment of rest rooms and reception kitchen. 

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