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Reservoirs and dams will be checked near the railway


Before the start of the flood period, KTZ, together with territorial organizations, will check the condition of dams and reservoirs located above the railway track. There are 83 objects in total across Kazakhstan.

Water management facilities will be under the control of railway workers constantly during the snowmelt period.

KTZ begins to prepare for flood control measures in advance. To allow melt water to pass through, about 10000 bridges and pipes will be cleared of snow, and about 2600 kilometers of ditches and mountain ditches will be opened. Drilling and blasting operations to crush ice and release avalanches are planned.

To prevent and eliminate the consequences of erosion and damage to infrastructure during the flood period, railway workers began forming 45 special anti-erosion trains. They will be equipped with rubble stone, crushed stone, rail packages, substandard reinforced concrete sleepers, tools and special clothing for emergency crews.

In the south, west and east of the country, special trains will be ready in March. In the Northern region they will be formed by April 1. Special trains are based at stations as close as possible to potentially dangerous areas. If necessary, at any time of the day, anti-erosion trains will be sent to eliminate the consequences of the passage of melt water.

Press service of JSC «NC«Kazakhstan Temir Zholy»


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