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The repair program for locomotive crew rest houses for 2023 has been completed


Last year, KTZ-Freight Transportation LLP carried out routine repairs of 38 locomotive crew rest houses at the stations: Presnogorkovskaya, Zhana Yesil, Kokshetau, Kurort-Borovoye, Kzyltu, Astana, Aksu-1, Ekibastuz-1, Akbidaik, Yereymentau, Ushkulyn, Karagaily, Zhezkazgan, Sayak, Altai, Ridder, Kumistau, Semey, Shar, Degelen, Beskol, Sary-Ozek, Shelek, Saryshagan, Shu, Arys, Saryagash, Kyzylorda, Sekseul, Kazaly, Shieli, Aktobe, Nikeltau, Aitike bi, Kulsary , Makat, Mangystau.

Current repairs were carried out in accordance with the needs of resting locomotive crews. During the renovation, significant work was carried out to dismantle and install utility networks, replace windows and doors. The roofs and facades of the buildings were repaired, service premises were updated: canteens, laundries, bathrooms and showers. Repair work is carried out in accordance with building codes and regulations, the quality of the materials used meets the requirements of technical specifications. After the renovation, the Houses created coziness and comfort for the rest of drivers and their assistants, which is the key to their productive work.
Over 778 million tenge was allocated for repair work of holiday homes in 2023.
The renovation of the rest house at Saryozek station is being completed. The first block of the building with an area of over 552 square meters was dismantled. m. The second (84.5 sq. m. area) and third (739.2 sq. m.) blocks of the building were renovated. The foundation structures were strengthened, the roof, windows and doors, and the wooden base of the floor were dismantled.
Ceramic tiles are laid in the corridors and sanitary rooms, and laminate flooring is installed in the recreation areas. Replacement of utility networks (heating, water supply, sewerage, electricity) and decorative plastering of the facade walls were carried out. To eliminate heat loss, a new boiler room was added to the building of the Rest House, where two solid and liquid fuel boilers were installed. Landscaping and fencing of the area are being completed.
At the end of 2023, agreements were concluded for the development of design estimates for the overhaul of 16 rest houses at the stations: Atbasar, Yesil, Arka, Akadyr, Kyzylzhar, Moyinty, Otar, Dostyk, Matai, Uralsk, Kandyagash, Zhem, Atyrau, Ganyushkino, Sagiz , Beyneu.
After receiving a positive expert opinion, the planned renovation of buildings will be included in the Capital Investment Plan of KTZ - Freight Transportation LLP for 2024. Approximately over 1.5 billion tenge will be allocated for the overhaul of these facilities.

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