Қазақстан темiр жолы


Railway workers of Kazakhstan held a mass cleanup day


In a friendly and cheerful manner, railway workers: carriage workers, track workers, machinists, train compilers and representatives of many other railway professions throughout the country joined the environmental month, the republican environmental action “Taza

Kazakhstan”. Steel line workers make a large-scale contribution to cleaning streets, landscaping and beautifying populated areas. They also tidied up the areas adjacent to service and technical buildings, station areas, and cleared the railroad right-of-way.

Railway workers actively contribute to ensuring cleanliness and order not only in the capital, but throughout all regions of the country. Entire teams of them came out together to make the streets cleaner, supporting the environmental campaign.

The highway workers are confident that it is very important to create a culture of cleanliness and respect for nature and the environment. Therefore, many came out to the community cleanup with their families, setting a good example for the younger generation.

Press service of JSC «NC«Kazakhstan Temir Zholy»


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