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Railway workers developed more than 500 rationalization proposals in 2023


Innovations were aimed at improving labor conditions and safety, saving fuel and energy resources, train traffic safety, improving technological processes and the reliability of railway infrastructure devices. The total economic effect from the implementation of proposals amounted to over 14.8 million tenge.

KTZ employs over 500 innovators. Last year, they were paid more than 20 million tenge as royalties.

Based on the results of the competition “Best Technical Solution of KTZ” in 2023, 18 rationalization proposals were identified.

Among the winners of the competition in various categories were Ayagoz track turner Sergei Lyshilenko, car inspector at the Zhelezorudnaya station Murat Ermanov, chief engineer of the Pavlodar branch of the Kazbek main network.

Zharylgasyn Ospanov, head of the Pavlodar signaling and communication distance Bauyrzhan Babataev, head of the traction substation of the Zhaksy station Yuri Globenko, head of the repair control department of the Zhambyl operational locomotive depot Ivan Shamlidi and chief engineer of the Taraz station Ersin Shardarbekov.

Based on the results of 2023, the “Uzdik innovator” badge was awarded to the head of the department of the Karaganda branch of the backbone network, Erlan Khasenov, the head of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information and Analysis of the Karaganda branch of the backbone network, Sapar Zhazybayev, senior electrician of the Tobolsk signaling and communication distance Talgat Talipov, senior electrician of the Karaganda power supply distance Sayan Akimov, head of the production and technical department of the
Dostyk operational carriage depot Beibit Zhabaev, deputy head for signaling, centralization and blocking of the Ural signaling and communication distance Shyntas Kalilolla, leading engineer for labor protection and safety of the Tyulkubas railway distance Shamshidin Dadabaev.

The activities of KTZ are aimed at increasing the level and stimulating the development of rationalization activities, as the most important tool for accelerating scientific and technological progress.

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