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The railway in the Karaganda region is being repaired using new technology


This year 67 km of railway track will be renewed in the Karaganda branch of the KTZ main network, which is one of the main and most heavily freight-intensive ones. 24 km of them  will be completely repaired.

Major repairs of the railway in the region began on the Daria - Zharyk section. The work is being carried out using a new method - in a closed stage mode. This technology involves closing the site for several days and performing a large amount of work using track equipment.

So, from May 2, the Daria - Zharyk section is closed to traffic for four days, and trains go along the adjacent track. During this time, railway workers will complete the complete cycle of major renovation of 4.6 km of track with the opening of traffic on the section at the established speed. Work is ongoing continuously. Using special equipment, old sleepers are dismantled, new ones are laid, ballast is cleaned, rails are changed, and tamping and straightening work is carried out.

- The new method saves time and resources. In May, 18.5 km of railway track from Daria station to Zharyk station will be renewed using this technology. If this volume of work was carried out using the traditional method, with 8-hour technological “windows”, the section would be closed for repairs 16 times. Using the new technology, the section being repaired will be closed to traffic 4 times,” noted Nursultan Tanabayev, Deputy director of the Karaganda branch of the main network.


In total, the KTZ network plans to repair over 1400 km of railway in 2024, which will ensure the reliability of the railway infrastructure during transportation. During scheduled work to modernize the track, in order to ensure safety, temporary speed restrictions are introduced on sections due to the technological process, which affects compliance with the schedule of passenger and freight trains.

Press service of JSC «NC«Kazakhstan Temir Zholy»


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