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The railway has increased operating hours due to bad weather


Railway workers in Kazakhstan switched to a special work schedule due to worsening weather conditions (snowfall, strong winds, blizzards). It is aimed at ensuring train safety.

Track workers are working hard. Continuous cleaning of main roads is carried out. Snow removal equipment is on high alert.

The consequences of extreme snowfall are eliminated by specialized machines. More than 70 units of specialized equipment are involved in cleaning the railway tracks. To eliminate drifts in places where equipment cannot pass, 2 thousand railway workers came out. From February 1 to February 7, more than 10 thousand km of track were promptly cleared and almost 114 thousand cubic meters of snow were removed.

At locomotive depots, drivers and assistants were additionally instructed on the procedure to operate in difficult weather conditions. They are advised to be vigilant and attentive along the route. Locomotive crews notify station attendants and train dispatchers about blocked track sections to ensure the uninterrupted movement of passenger and freight trains. Particular attention is paid to the technical condition of locomotives and cars.

To ensure comfortable conditions for the transportation of passengers, station attendants and train conductors are recommended to strengthen their work.

Round-the-clock duty has been organized for the heads of structural divisions and branches of KTZ. Currently, the railway is operating normally.

According to weather forecasters, snow and wind speeds of up to 30 meters per second are expected in Kazakhstan in the coming days.

During periods of adverse weather conditions, passengers are advised to refrain from traveling. You can get reference information for free by calling 1433, through the telegram bot “KTZH_PP_BOT” and the official Instagram account @jolaushylar_tasymaly.

Press service of JSC «NC«Kazakhstan Temir Zholy»


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