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The process of issuing transit declarations will be automated at the border with China


In pilot mode, the Tez Customs digital platform has been introduced for the automatic submission and issuance of transit declarations for goods transported by rail along the China-Central Asia and China-Europe routes.

The project is being implemented by the State Revenue Committee (SRC) of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and a subsidiary of the global port operator PSA International - Global DTC.

On December 9, 2023, the pilot was launched on the Altynkol-Saryagash route in the direction of Uzbekistan. According to it, 109 transit declarations were processed and issued automatically at the Altynkol station; for all declarations, transit was successfully completed at the Saryagash station.

On December 27 of this year, the platform began operating on the Dostyk-Brest Northern route, 52 transit declarations were issued, which were received electronically by the customs service of the Republic of Belarus and completed transit through them.

The first results of the pilot were the achievement of the process of electronic declaration of transit and release by customs in 30 minutes.

The pilot will continue until it is put into commercial operation and a general decision is made by the EAEU countries involved in transit.

The Tez Customs platform automates the paperless customs transit process, including the preparation of preliminary information, automatic registration and issuance of transit declarations.

At the same time, the SRC information system receives automatic information about the arrival and departure of containers, and the railway system receives electronic notification about the release of the declaration and the completion of transit, which allows for the further dispatch of cargo without providing paper declarations.

Tez Customs is one of the modules of the DTC - Digital Trade Corridor platform. The DTC platform is designed to provide seamless digital document flow for multimodal transport and stimulate the development of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR). The platform will ensure the digitalization of document flow for all participants in the TITR countries - China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

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