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Over 300 thousand kilometers of railway track were inspected in 2023


Last year, railway workers examined 314 thousand kilometers of track. Diagnostics are carried out using mobile diagnostic systems (MDS).

Mobile systems make it possible to timely identify deviations and defective places in the track infrastructure that occur under the influence of various factors. Based on the results of monitoring, the results are sent to the relevant structural divisions of the company. Based on them, operational decisions are made to eliminate, repair and maintain the railway track.

The MDS board is equipped with computers and monitors, and is equipped with the appropriate software. One MDS has 18 specialists on its staff, working in two shifts of nine people each. The shift lasts 15 days. Each trip they are accompanied by track workers responsible for their section. For the convenience of workers, the MDS has all the necessary living conditions - a shower, a washing machine, a full kitchen with all the necessary equipment.

Continuous monitoring of the railway track using MDS has proven its effectiveness in ensuring traffic safety.

Press service of JSC «NC«Kazakhstan Temir Zholy»


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