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Measures to protect public order and safety of the transportation process have been strengthened on the railway


KTZ held a meeting on the implementation of the Roadmap to improve the level of security and safety of property on the railway with the participation of representatives of the Transport Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As part of the Road Map, mobile police stations have been installed on the platforms of Almaty-1 and Almaty-2 stations. For the safety of passengers, CCTV cameras are installed in restaurant cars and bar cars on all routes of passenger trains. 

Railway stations will be equipped with additional video surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of transported goods and combat crime. The video will be shown on monitors in police rooms and stored for at least 30 days.

KTZ locomotives continue to be equipped with external and internal video recorders to record emergency braking, unscheduled stops and accidents. Currently, the video surveillance system operates on 347 locomotives.

To increase the efficiency of the transportation process and the level of safety of train traffic on the mainline network, a large-scale project of rolling stock control systems “Digital Framework” is being implemented. At the Karaganda-Sortirovochnaya, Zhanaarka, Arys,

Kandyagash and Lokot stations they plan to install frames that will allow video surveillance and determine the condition of cargo using laser devices, lidars and weighing instruments. KTZ will modernize 40 existing complexes that monitor the integrity of arriving and departing cars at stations. To prevent overloading of cars or shortage of cargo, which affects the safety of train traffic, in the parks of the stations Ridder, Ayagoz, Shu, Shymkent, Turkestan, Degelen, Almaty-1, Shieli, Shetpe, Uzen, Pavlodar, Tobol, Kostanay, Altynkol, Saryagash, Wagon scales were installed in Ganyushkino and Shcherbakty.

The railways are actively carrying out preventive measures to reduce the number of collisions with people and livestock. Updated 540 prohibitory recognition signs. By the end of this year, another 209 signs will be updated. Every year, 1000 km of fencing devices are installed to prevent livestock from entering the railway tracks. 


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