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KTZ summed up the results of fire safety


More than 50 fire prevention measures were implemented in 2023 at KTZ. 266 exercises were conducted jointly with emergency response units and more than 42 thousand fire safety inspections. Representatives of KTZ participated in 6 meetings

Interdepartmental State Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 3 meetings on emergency prevention issues.

Last year, the number of fires at railway transport facilities was reduced by 20% compared to the 2022 level, to 80 cases. Based on the results of the fire investigation, operational meetings and unscheduled inspections were held at all levels of management, and corrective measures were developed and implemented.

For 2024, 60 measures are envisaged for fire protection of KTZ facilities and rolling stock.

Press service of JSC «NC«Kazakhstan Temir Zholy»


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