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KTZ introduces an automated version of maintaining train schedules


At the stations of two dispatch sections Sorokovaya-Yereymentau and Sorokovaya-Karaganda-Sortirovochnaya of the Northern Regional Transportation Control Center, an automated version of maintaining a schedule of train movements was introduced for the first time. The project is being implemented over 9 months. Now train dispatchers do not need to draw up a schedule manually on paper, and station attendants do not need to draw up station logs DU-2, 3 and a daily schedule plan.

The use of an automated option for maintaining train schedules allows you to increase the efficiency and reliability of information, introduce paperless technology, and cancel manual maintenance of the train schedule.

The project was implemented in two stages. At the first stage, testing took place on the Sorokovaya-Yereymentau section. The pioneers of the new format of work were the duty officers at Sorokovaya, Sary-Oba,Yerkenshilik, Yedyge and Yereymentau stations. The second stage took place on one of the most difficult sections in terms of local work and train traffic intensity - Sorokovaya-Karaganda-Sortirovochnaya. Train dispatchers and duty officers at Obgonny station No. 42, Babatai, showed professionalism.
Arshaly, Anar, Sarybel, Aktasty, Shokai, Myrza, Nura, Kokpekty and Karaganda-Sorting.

Work was carried out to organize automated workplaces at 7 stations of the Karaganda branch of the road. Workplaces of train dispatchers were equipped with additional office equipment, and training webinars were held for 85 specialists.

At the moment, the project is being implemented at the control area - Karaganda-Sortirovochnaya-Kulaigyr and preparatory work is being carried out for its implementation at the Kulaigyr-Moiynty section.

By the end of the first half of 2024, it is planned to launch 6 more control stations, thereby covering all road branches of the Northern Regional Center. In the second half of the year, the baton will be taken up by the dispatch sections of the Southern and Western regional transportation control centers.

The work is aimed at increasing the level of management of the transportation process by eliminating the routine part of the work of the dispatch apparatus.

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