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KTZ held a joint meeting on the safety of transported goods


The results of the work to ensure the safety of transported goods in 2023 were summed up at an extended conference call at KTZ. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Main Transport Prosecutor's Office,

Transport Police Department, Paramilitary Railway Guard, heads of subsidiaries and departments of roads and the main network.
At the meeting, a comprehensive plan of joint activities aimed at ensuring the safety of transported goods, rolling stock and inventory at railway transport facilities was discussed.
To prevent unauthorized access and safety of transported goods, in 2023, KTZ held months of qualitative inspection of coal loading, transshipment at the border crossings of Dostyk and

Altynkol and on the safety of cargo in containers transported in international traffic China - Europe - China.

A thorough inspection of carriages is carried out at stations. Transshipment terminals and station areas are equipped with video surveillance cameras. Electronic technical means (locking and sealing devices) are used to protect cargo.

Monitoring the state of security escort of container trains is carried out by VZhDO JSC through the automated information system ASUOP “Vinterm”. Additional units of the mobile operational response group operate at Dostyk, Beskol, and Lugovaya stations. Railway workers assist law enforcement agencies in preventing and identifying legitimate facts.

The meeting participants proposed at the legislative level to tighten liability for theft at railway transport facilities.

Based on the results of the conference call, it was recommended to strengthen the escort and security of transported cargo, including in international traffic, as well as to increase the personal responsibility of station heads and department heads for unsafe cargo.

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