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 KTZ is carrying out step-by-step work to update the rolling stock


One of the strategic directions of KTZ activity is the renewal of fleets of passenger, freight cars and locomotives.

Passenger carriages

The fleet of Passenger Transportation JSC includes over 2100 cars. Over the past 10 years, it has been updated by 50% with carriages that meet modern requirements for safety, comfort and environmental friendliness. 1326 passenger cars were purchased, including 102 cars in 2023. In the first half of 2024, another 62 passenger cars are expected to be delivered. The average age of the carriages is 17 years. By 2030, the fleet will be replenished with 537 new generation passenger carriages produced by Stadler.
The new cars are equipped with air conditioning, video surveillance, and fire extinguishing systems. Each compartment has 220-volt electrical outlets and USB ports for charging mobile phones.

Freight cars

Kaztemirtrans JSC is systematically updating its fleet of freight cars. In 2023, 242 gondola cars were purchased. In 2021 - 1000 cars. In January of this year, the fleet was replenished with another 33 new gondola cars. In total, over the last decade, more than 25 thousand cars have been purchased.
The cars meet all modern requirements and have the necessary technical characteristics. Loading capacity is 70 tons.
By 2025, about 3 thousand freight cars will be purchased, which will be used to transport socially important goods (grain, coal, construction materials, etc.).


In 2023, the largest purchase of locomotives was made - 112 units, which made it possible to reduce the wear and tear of the locomotive fleet from 68% in 2020 to 52% in 2023. By 2029, 359 locomotives will be purchased, including 75 mainline diesel locomotives of the TE33AS series, 36 mainline diesel locomotives of the 2TЭ25KM series, 130 electric locomotives of the KZ8A series, 18 shunting diesel locomotives of the TЭM11A series, 37 passenger diesel locomotives of the TЭP33A series, 63 passenger electric locomotives of the KZ4AT series.
Modern locomotives are assembled at factories in Astana. This is a reliable technique that can enhance the transportation of goods by heavy trains.
As part of the cooperation agreement between KTZ and the Chinese corporation CRRC Corporation Limited, 100 shunting and 100 mainline locomotives will also be purchased.

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