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Freight transportation by rail in Kazakhstan increased by 2.4% in the first quarter


Over 61.4 million tons of cargo were transported through the KTZ network in the first quarter of 2024, which corresponds to the level of the same period in 2023. In Kazakhstan, transportation increased by 2.4% and amounted to over 40.2 million tons, 21.2 million tons were exported.

Transportation of socially significant cargo (coal and grain) remains under the special control of KTZ. During January-March 2024, 26.3 million tons of coal were loaded by railway, 19.5 million tons were delivered to Kazakhstanis. 6.8 million tons of solid fuel were shipped for export.
According to the results of the first quarter, about 2.2 million tons of grain were loaded, including 1.6 million tons for export.

In the first quarter, transportation of iron and manganese ore increased by 17% (5 million tons), non-ferrous ore and sulfur raw materials by 16.5% (5.8 million tons), and oil cargo by 6% (4.7 million tons).

The export of oil cargo increased by 22% (1.3 million tons), chemical fertilizers by 16.7% (338 thousand tons), iron and manganese ore by 22.4% (2.8 million tons).

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