Қазақстан темiр жолы


Ensuring transportation safety is KTZ’s constant priority


Last year, KTZ carried out planned activities aimed at improving traffic safety, updating and increasing the reliability of infrastructure devices and rolling stock. 1443 km of railway track were repaired (108% above plan), 634 sets of turnouts were replaced. In 2023, 113 modern locomotives and 94 domestically produced passenger cars were purchased.

KTZ constantly monitors the state of traffic safety. To diagnose the condition of the track, mobile diagnostic laboratories on a combined track and mobile diagnostic complexes (MDS) equipped with modern measurement systems were purchased. Particular attention is paid to training and advanced training of personnel and improvement of working conditions.

The introduction of digital technologies helps to increase the level of safety and efficiency of traffic safety management. In pilot mode, an automated system “Accounting and storage of brake shoes” was introduced, aimed at minimizing the human factor and preventing the preconditions for emergency situations with equipment. The system keeps online records and controls the storage of brake shoes, and calculates the securing of rolling stock with brake shoes. KTZ is developing an “Info-center” system for monitoring operational indicators, train conditions, and, in general, traffic safety. Also, to assess risks and their impact on traffic safety, an automated “Risk Analysis” system is being developed.

To reduce the incidence of injuries to people on railway tracks, outreach work is being carried out with the population on compliance with the Rules for staying at railway transport facilities, and warning signs about the dangers of being on railway tracks have been updated.

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