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About 130 thousand passengers used the service of travel in “women’s cars”



For 10 months of 2023 About 130 thousand female passengers traveled in “women’s cars”

For comparison, in 2022, more than 114 thousand people traveled in such carriages. Over the 3 months of 2021, since the introduction of the service to ensure a more comfortable and safe trip for the fair half of the country, over 13 thousand Kazakhstani women traveled in “women’s carriages”.

Today, “women’s cars” run on 8 passenger trains:

- No. 77/78 “Almaty-Mangistau” compartment car No. 07;

- No. 351/352 “Almaty-Oskamen” compartment car No. 10.

- No. 45/46 “Pavlodar-Turkestan” compartment car No. 09;

- No. 37/38 “Mangistau-Semey” compartment car No. 06;

- No. 47/48 “Atyrau-Astana” compartment car No. 06;

- No. 33/34 “Aktobe-Almaty-1” compartment car No. 06;

- No. 4/3 “Astana-Almaty-2” compartment car No. 17;

- No. 71/72 “Astana-Shymkent” compartment car No. 10.

Male passengers up to seven years of age are allowed to travel in “women’s carriages.”

It should be noted that Passenger Transportation JSC introduced the service after conducting an online survey among passengers about the need for “women’s cars”. The majority of respondents, namely 82%, answered positively, 13% - negatively and 5% - neutrally.

Press service of JSC «NC«Kazakhstan Temir Zholy»


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