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Supporting the course towards the modernization of the national education system, NC KTZ JSC pays special attention to the issues of professional development and staff development, actively participates in the implementation of the dual training system program.

The branch of NC KTZ JSC - the Center for Assessment and Development of Railway Transport Personnel (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is located in one of the rapidly developing areas of the city of Astana - Industrial Park and meets the requirements of modern international standards for educational organizations of this type.

The main objectives of the Center are:

  - implementation of corporate standards and training programs;

- ensuring the high quality of the process of training and development of personnel;

- introduction of new modern teaching methods, including distance learning systems;

- efficiency and mobility in restructuring the system of professional development of personnel when introducing innovative technologies into production in priority areas of activity of JSC "NC" KTZ ".      

The activity of the Center creates the prerequisites for the competitive advantage of qualified personnel of NC KTZ JSC, reduces the cost of permanent recruitment by reducing staff turnover and improving their qualifications.

Programs for professional development and advanced training of personnel are adapted to the needs of the production and technological process of the group of companies of NC KTZ JSC, are adjusted in accordance with changing business conditions and correspond to the strategic goals and objectives of NC KTZ JSC.

The content of the training programs is based on the study, development and application of practical skills in working with new equipment, according to innovative technologies introduced at the enterprises of the group of companies JSC "NC" KTZ ".

 The content of educational and methodological complexes in the specialties of railway transport is constantly updated and is aimed at:

- introduction of modular and integrated methods and forms of education that ensure maximum and complete assimilation of educational material;

- ensuring a direct connection between vocational training and professional activities of employees of JSC "NC "KTZ";

- ensuring continuous monitoring of the assimilation of the acquired knowledge and practical skills of application by the employees of NC KTZ JSC in the process of production activities.

The process of developing curricula and programs, teaching and coaching work involves the heads and specialists of various structural divisions of the group of companies of NC KTZ JSC, which ensures close interaction between vocational training and professional activities of employees of NC KTZ JSC.

External specialists are invited during the period of qualitative changes in business models and technologies, the introduction of innovative technologies and new equipment at the enterprises of the group of companies of NC KTZ JSC, which leads to the involvement of representatives of suppliers or service department specialists / corporate training centers of partner companies in the training of personnel.

This scheme for organizing work with external providers allows you to quickly respond to the requests of the enterprises of NC KTZ JSC and ensure high quality vocational training and advanced training.

The main contingent of external training are middle and top managers, as well as internal trainers of JSC "NC" KTZ ".

In the process of organizing vocational training and advanced training of the Center, proven and new effective technologies of internal training are used, innovations are introduced through external training.

At the XIX session of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev said: “In the advanced industrial countries - Germany, England, the USA, South Korea - the dual system of personnel training has proven itself well. According to this system, a student of a vocational school is simultaneously a trainee in production. Such a training system should be widely introduced in Kazakhstan as well...”.

Fulfilling the instructions of the Leader of the Nation, in 2012, a Memorandum on a cooperative (dual) education system was signed between JSC NC KTZ and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In accordance with the provisions of this Memorandum, since 2012, more than 600 students of industry colleges have received practical training on the basis of the Center. Future railway workers got a unique opportunity to master the practical skills of working on new technological equipment and get acquainted with the real working conditions at the enterprises of NC KTZ JSC.

The Center has 16 classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, screens, multimedia projectors and computer equipment, visual stands and video materials, which makes the learning process comfortable for the teaching staff and more accessible for students.

11 laboratories and the training ground of the Center are equipped with samples of modern high-tech equipment, models and simulators of new railway equipment, which are being introduced at the enterprises of the group of companies JSC "NC" KTZ ".




The 3D laboratory software creates a real picture of production processes in railway transport: the movement of trains, locomotives, track machines, etc.

A laboratory has been created to conduct theoretical and practical classes on the study and development of scientific programs based on 3D visualization, holding conferences, discussions and scientific meetings with remote research and production centers of NC KTZ JSC.

The 3D laboratory, made in the form of a pulpit, equipped with an ultra-technological 3D screen, an interactive panel for teachers and students of vocational training courses, has the ability to constantly replenish the content of the content and save it on the database of the 3D laboratory.

Currently, the content content is being developed in the 3D laboratory - 30 scenarios for developing practical skills for the interaction of employees of the track, traffic and locomotive facilities in non-standard situations.






The Center conducts systematic work on the introduction into the educational process of electronic forms of primary and final control of the professional knowledge of students, the formation of electronic educational and methodological complexes, the formation and replenishment of the catalog of the electronic library.

From among the specialists of the Center, working groups have been created to develop electronic training programs in 3D projection in order to study the device, operation technology and repair of the innovative

equipment used in the railway transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan: ZK-1 wagon bogie, Tulpar-Talgo passenger train cars, TE-33A and KZ-8A series locomotives. As part of the future development of the Center, sets of educational and methodological materials are being developed and formed for distance vocational training courses in the specialties of railway transport.

Distance learning has undeniable advantages:

- organizing and conducting the process of vocational training for employees of remote railway stations and sidings of JSC “NC “KTZh”;

- on-the-job training of personnel, respectively - saving working time;

- a significant reduction in travel and financial expenses associated with the rental and use of educational premises;

- holding thematic webinars, videoconferences, discussions and scientific meetings with research and production centers of railway transport both in the CIS countries and abroad;

- ensuring the systematic process of professional development of the personnel of JSC "NC "KTZ".




Laboratories of the locomotive economy are equipped with simulators for the TE-33A diesel locomotive, as well as the KZ-8A electric locomotive, which allow simulating the real control of locomotives during the movement of a train under various weather conditions and at any time of the day. The simulator is installed on a special platform for simulating dynamic effects during the movement of locomotives. The driver's cab, control panel and instruments are completely identical to serial locomotives.

Images of real sections of the railway track are made in 3D projection and displayed on the screens of the windshield and side windows (and rear-view mirrors).

Railway sections of the track are depicted in 3D projection and are as realistic as possible, there are sound effects. A special monitor with railway track profile screens and display of regime driving maps is installed on the control panel of the industrial training master.

One of the laboratories of the locomotive economy is equipped with models of diesel locomotive TE-33A-GEVO 12, shunting locomotive CKDE6, modern devices and tools for safe work on all cycle maintenance work of this diesel engine.

When performing practical work, specialists of the locomotive economy study the features of the technical device and control of the diesel locomotive TE-33A-GEVO 12.




In the laboratory of the wagon economy and the cabinet of automatic braking equipment and automatic coupler of freight cars, conditions have been created for students for the practical study of the most modern equipment, both operated at the enterprises of the group of companies of NC KTZ JSC, and planned for commissioning:

- gondola car frame model 12-9920 with active braking equipment with threadless connections, which is installed on

promising types of modernized bogies with new models of wheelsets with cassette bearings;

- UZOT RM simulator with training programs designed for accelerated charging and testing of train brakes at PTO and automatic electronic recording of processes in the form of graphs and data in the VU-45 form;

- stand with natural mock-up components "Air duct of the brake system of a freight car with trolley braking with connection of instruments and pipes without threading on pipes";

- models of automatic couplers, draft gears of new types for ordinary wagons and wagons carrying dangerous and especially dangerous goods.

The rolling stock laboratory presents mock-ups of equipment to get acquainted with advanced technologies of high-speed traffic.






 Laboratories and classrooms of track facilities are equipped with:

- multimedia equipment that allows you to visually study the construction of the railway track, the technology of repair and construction of railway tracks using modern track machines and mechanisms, the organization of high-speed, high-speed train traffic, etc.;

- means of small-scale mechanization (rail-cutting, rail-drilling, screw-driven machines);

- measuring instruments for determining faults and assessing the state of the track and turnouts;

- modern means of non-destructive testing of rails;

- modern fastening rails;

  - stands for studying the technological processes of repair work on the railway track using a set of track machines, machines for laying and replacing turnouts and devices.

The content of the training programs for the training of track facilities specialists includes: studying the experience of introducing a track management model, organizing high-speed, high-speed train traffic, prospects for the development of high-speed traffic in the Republic of Kazakhstan, issues of introducing track facilities automation, improving the quality of measurement by new generation diagnostic tools, introducing an automated automated control system "Magistral", etc.



The office of recovery and fire trains is provided with modern types of technical means currently used by specialists of recovery and fire trains of JSC “NC “KTZ” in the aftermath of derailments, fires in railway transport:

- a set of hydraulic equipment for installation on the track of derailed wagons;

  - manual hydraulic pump, which provides hydraulic energy for hydraulic equipment sets during emergency recovery operations;

- a set of dynamic and auxiliary hydraulic tools used in emergency and restoration work, rubble removal, and special work;

  - fire engine pump multi-purpose;

- suit - "TOK" 200 - heat reflective, designed to extinguish a fire at high temperatures;

- new types of communication organization.

The training program for specialists includes the study and development of practical skills in the use of modern equipment and technologies for emergency response.




The non-destructive testing laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for conducting practical classes on the methods of visual-measuring, ultrasonic, eddy current and magnetic testing:

- training complex "Avikon-11T", simulating the conditions of control of rail tracks in real time;

- ultrasonic thickness gauge USM Go (with flaw detection function);

- ultrasonic flaw detector USM 35 XS - for measuring the coordinates of defects, which is equipped with a system for constructing ADC using reference reflectors and TCG, built-in electronic DGS scales for 24 types of standard transducers and setting the characteristics of a transducer of any type (except for separate-combined ones);   

- ultrasonic flaw detector PHASOR XS - for operation in the phased array antenna (PAR) mode or in the conventional ultrasonic mode;

- eddy current Phasec 3D - an advanced two-frequency flaw detector.

         In the non-destructive testing laboratory, specialists study the technical design of samples of modern flaw detection equipment introduced at the enterprises of JSC "NC" KTZ ", develop practical skills in its use.


The laboratory of automation, telemechanics and communications presents modern technological equipment used at the enterprises of JSC "NC" KTZ ":

- a software package for microprocessor systems for interval control of trains, replicating the workplaces of the chipboard and maintenance personnel, floor devices of the simulated station, realizing the functions of the system for centralizing switches and signals of the simulated station and adjacent hauls; 

- a laboratory complex that allows for practical training in monitoring systems for track sections by the axle counting method when simulating the movement of rolling stock and the occurrence of failures;

- a laboratory complex for practicing practical skills in controlling signaling devices during train and shunting work, scaling the system, connecting and integrating related systems, making malfunctions in the MPC hardware for working out the failure algorithm, and much more;

      - a simulator that allows for practical training in the principles of operation of the track section control system using the axle counting method when simulating the movement of rolling stock;

- digital radio communication simulator and digital mobile radio station;

- a hardware complex, as well as stands with samples of all types of fiber-optic cable for railway telecommunications.

Theoretical classes are held in the cabinets of the alarm and communication facilities, which are equipped with:

- automated system for managing the economy of signaling, centralization and blocking (ACS-Sh-KTZh);

- AOS-ShCh automated training system, which allows studying the principles and algorithms of the operation of COMPRESSED devices, methods of troubleshooting in them, which is a practical component of advanced training programs for system users.



The laboratory of energy and electrification presents equipment that allows you to visually demonstrate and simulate:

- various power supply schemes for the traction substation, contact network and signaling devices;

- transfer of loads of contact network feeders;

- various emergencies;

- Taking equipment out for repair.

Conduct a practical study of transformers in the context of TMZH-100 / 27.5, TSL-250/10, modern power supply structures for high-speed electrified sections, etc.

Cabinets are equipped with:

- visual diagrams and stands of parts (in section);

- a stand of the SCADA power supply facility management system, which allows you to study and apply the acquired skills not only on modern equipment in the management of switching to separate and relieve voltage of the station and spans, but also to perform all the additional features of the SCADA control system;    

- Sitras SCS traction substation control system;

- a training and demonstration model of a traction substation, a power supply circuit and sectioning of the AC contact network.



 The classroom is equipped with computer technology, which allows for training in accordance with modern technologies of the transportation process, implemented in railway transport, has a large video library and educational and methodological complexes in various areas of activity in the organization and management of the transportation process:

- training program DSP / DSC;

- operational work of stations;

- application and use of the norms established by the PTE, ISI, IDP;

- application of the latest technologies and devices used in the movement of trains, the production of shunting work at the largest junction and marshalling stations of JSC "NC" KTZ ";

- new technologies and devices used to ensure the safety of train traffic and the performance of shunting work at the stations of JSC "NC" KTZ ";

- production of cargo operations using the latest loading and unloading devices and technologies used in the production of cargo operations;

- practical application of the latest devices for monitoring the movement of cargo in trains to ensure traffic safety.




In the laboratory and office of the passenger sector, equipped with new technology, conditions have been created for the practical study of innovative technologies in the passenger sector:

- operating samples of components and parts of Talgo passenger cars, allowing for a visual demonstration;

- layout of passenger car bogie type KVZTSNII;

- model of a wheel pair with a gearbox from the middle part of the axle with a generator drive;      

- visual diagrams and details of passenger cars operated and planned for commissioning on the railways of the Republic of Kazakhstan;     

- training software and hardware complex ACS "Express" from the terminal of the fiscal computer system "(FCS) - for ticketing and cash transactions with electronic tickets and the mobile terminal of the conductor (MTP) - for checking the legitimacy of electronic tickets;

- educational and methodological complexes (video, photo and presentation materials, normative and technical documentation). Specialized programs provide training in practical skills for the maintenance of passenger trains, the provision of high-quality services to passengers, and the study of modern technologies introduced in the passenger sector.


                                                                    WELDING LABORATORY                                 

The welding laboratory presents a new generation of welding production equipment, which makes it possible to train highly qualified welders in accordance with the needs of service and machine-building enterprises of railway transport in Kazakhstan:

- modern tables of welders with a cleaning system from welding aerosols and a lift-and-turn exhaust system;

- welding semi-automatic inverter type, designed for the basic needs of semi-automatic welding of medium and heavy industry;

- suit of the welder;       

- The Fronius Virtual Welding Welding Simulator is the latest development in cutting-edge technology for training professional welders.   

The virtual instructor of the welding simulator works in real time, corrects the actions of the trainee to obtain the correct welding skills, real visual control over the welding task.



The range is equipped with:

- automatic crossing alarm system with a PASH-type auto-barrier (car-crossing barrier);

- UZP system (crossing closing device);

- LED traffic lights (train and shunting);

- train mast traffic lights;

- a new generation electric turnout drive L-90, designed for switching, locking and controlling the position of the arrows;

- axle sensors for monitoring track circuits;

- eurobalises used to correct the location of the train of the system of interval regulation of trains;

- KTSM-02 (modernized complex of technical means);

- locomotives TEP 70, 2TE-10M, TEM-2;

- electric locomotives VL-60, VL-80.

         The Center's training ground is equipped with various types of railcars, including the latest models.

An innovative approach to the formation of the material, technical and methodological base of the Center ensures the high efficiency of the educational process, reduces the time for professional training and advanced training of the personnel of the JSC NC KTZ JSC group of companies.


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