Қазақстан темiр жолы

«Қазақстан темір жолы» ҰК» АҚ - ның миссиясы мен құндылықтары

Mission and values of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy"


Being system-forming transport Company of Kazakhstan we provide a qualitative basis of sustainable growth of our clients' business, create cost for the Sole shareholder and bring benefit to consumers and society in general by means of providing safe and competitive transport services.



We are  a highly efficient transport Company operating according to the best practices of business.

We are a reliable provider of transport infrastructure services, including freight and passenger transportation.

We are a leader among peer companies in sustainable development, quality and economic efficiency of services due to improving business processes, digitalizing activities and increasing the professionalism of employees.


• Backbone railway network services;

• Freight transportation;

• Passenger transportation;

• Transportation and logistics services; 

• Operating freight wagon fleet.


Immutable values of the corporate culture of the Company are sustainable development and mutual prosperity, as well as ensuring environmental protection, health protection and safety of work, safety of the transportation process, information security and energy efficiency. 

Employees of the Company - the main value and the main resource which results of activity and cost of the Company, created for investors directly depend on the level of their professionalism and safety. 

All employees of the Company (from ordinary workers to the management) divide such values as:

- Safety - We are responsible for the life, health and safety of each of our employees, passengers and the safety of freight and luggage. This is our main priority. Even the smallest mistake can be very expensive.

- Leadership - It is important for us to work harmoniously because we are part of a single system that works for the benefit of each of our clients and the country as a whole. We pass on the knowledge and experience gained over the years to the next generation. We respect and value everyone, regardless of the level of position, profession and personal interest.

- Ambitions - We meet all difficulties and challenges with dignity, persistently overcome any obstacles on our way, because we know that the well-being of our clients depends on us, whose interests and needs are the main priority for us.

- Pride - We devote our whole life to the industry because we deliver goods that are critical for the population, connect cities and states, and work even in the most remote regions of the country. We are proud of our profession and the fact that our grandfathers and fathers worked on the railway.

- Responsibility - We provide quality services for all our clients because we are the flagship in the transport services market. We achieve results even in the most difficult situations, because we are professionals in our field and rely on experience and rich history.



Principle 1. Legality, transparency, openness and honest business

Principle 2. Economic efficiency

Principle 3. Safety of services

Principle 4. Customer focus

Principle 5. Guarantees of the rights of workers

Principle 6. Intolerance to corruption

Principle 7. Leadership

Principle 8. Involvement 

Principle 9. Process approach to management

Principle 10. Continuous improvement and innovations

Principle 11. Social responsibility


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