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For the further increase of management level by work in a branch was worked out and ratified Functional strategy of development of technical and skilled potential 2017 to that was determine 5 basic directions on realization of the indicated strategy.
Realization of strategy is first of all sent to providing of necessities of branch in the skilled shots of specialists and workers of mass professions, and also on effective development of skilled potential. As is known, a tool to increase staff motivation and production and economic - efficiency of the branch is the investment in the social sphere and commitment to employees.
There is activity in area of motivation of personnel
In a branch a main capital are people. In all 648 persons from that 363 women work on an enterprise. The age-related composition was entered by workers: 30 to is a 221 man or 36,1 %, 40 from 31 to - 173 or 25,9 %, 50 from 41 to 140 or 20,9 %, 63 from 51 to - 109 or 16,3 %. These workers around the clock provide trouble-free work of railway in a capital megalopolis, carrying passengers and loads.
During 2014 94 new workers were recruited, including 64 workers, direct-coupled with motion trains. In spite of capital status of branch, fluidity of shots is notedly mionectic and attained at the level of 9,4 %. This statistic remains unchanged because the branch is the "source of manpower capital region " and the need for further career development with their transition to the various structural units of JSC "NC" KRW " - (the Company ).
From higher and specialized middle educational establishments 23 young specialists were accepted in a branch. Presently with them active work is conducted on the increase of their practical skills in-process, including in order of actions in emergency and non-standard situations.
Work on perfection of normatively-legal base of management proceeds a personnel. For the increase of efficiency of personnel, motivations of their labour and creation of the reliable system of preparation of reserve an order "About claim of exemplary plan of preparation of reserve was worked out on the commanders of middle link on the workshop of motion on 2014-2016". Thus in obedience to a plan 48 workers will get step.
The conducted skilled audit on results a year is get a result - 26,4 point, that confirms activity of control system a personnel to effective and corresponding skilled politics of Company. Accordance on qualification held a position is marked for leaders - 100 %, for specialists - 96,2 %, for office workers - 80,7 %. Accordance by education is marked for leaders - 100 %, for specialists - 90,7 %, for office workers - 84,7 %.
In addition, in a branch the system of moral and material support of workers operates by encouragement and celebration of different events.
In the spring holidays "International Women's Day " and " Nauryz " held celebrations with bonuses from the administration branch of 344 women and the payment of monetary compensation , as well as a festive tea party and awarding valuable prizes.
On the Day of Victory on the sponsorship for 63 veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers organized a gala concert at the cinema watching a retro film " Spring on Zarechnaya Street " and a festive lunch in a cafe.
To celebrate " Children's Day " held a photo contest "Miracle Child 2014" and costumed events for children up to 13 years from the award of all the participants and winners of prizes and souvenirs , as well as organized a visit to the capital of the circus workers with children.
On the " Day of transport and communication " was organized a ceremonial meeting with the presentation of diplomas and valuable prizes to distinguished 20 employees , as well as a corporate event at the summer site café.
To celebration of New Year to all workers of branch, and also 428 children of our employees gifts were given out. Also, for 400 children organized a Christmas party in the urban entertainment center " Keruen " and New Year's performance in the Moscow circus , drama theater in Gorky.
Educating and development of personnel
In 2014 the courses of in-plant training passed all before pre-arranged 17 persons, educating in educational centers. All expenses , including travel in sleeping car , per stay ( if the price is not included in the cost of education ) and per diem for the prescribed amount of time to the place of study and back, said workers were paid by the Company.
In a branch the special attention is spared the institute of tutorship. The observance of requirements of safety of motion depends on their quality educating and tutorship. So, 40 tutors were during a year appointed with development and claim of individual plans of internships. Thus all 40 workers passed internship in a timely manner. In the branch for this purpose has been to develop a program and an action plan , according to which held all 6 scheduled events " Adaptation Youth Day ".
Given that at the branch employs 69 pervozimnikov , including 69 employees associated with the movement of trains and to increase their responsibility for ensuring the safety and protection of labor introduced the practice of newly employed individual interviews , which revealed the makings of professional skills , the level of technical and practical training , as well as the social conditions of residence in the capital.
Introduced the practice of holding technical sessions with multimedia teaching programs , which are derived from the central office of the company and certain branches of roads.
For in-depth study of the circumstances and causes , committed marriages farm traffic , we have developed the situational scheme , where clearly the principle of " one sheet " , said violations of each participant and visual scheme authorized marriage.
The adaptation educating is conducted 30 workers of sorting hill after the conducted reconstruction and modernisation of technical equipments of sorting hill. The purpose of training - a practical demonstration of the management of the "new" type of wagon retarders fault – 3 RK and development of skills of effective braking to unhook. These events were extremely important in the conditions of organization and providing of safety of motion at the dismissal of carriages. So, on the sorting hill of the station in the process of reconstruction, editing is produced 27 such carriage moderator-coolants. These facilities differ in the technical descriptions, such as power and fast-acting, at less sizes and power charges.
Given that jobs are braco forming screening system on the basis of various seminars , meetings with workers in other related businesses unit developed and implemented the following recommendations in their work:
1." Indicative list of violations ( deviations) of the normal order of dissolution of compounds with hump and measures for their prevention ", which examined 22 cases of possible non-standard work and duty operators hump , measures to prevent and out of;
2. " Indicative list of the causes of deviations from the norms of braking shoes unhook and measures to prevent them ", where 36 cases of possible non-standard controllers in the speed of cars when braking unhook the brake shoe.
In case of derailment of rolling stock during braking in the sorting station Iletsk park of 6 November 2011 on the orders of the telegraph number 1495 CD from 11.11.2011 years , to develop additional measures to prevent the recurrence of violations adjuster speed of cars with the publication of the order "On some issues the order safe braking unhooked "from 16.11.2011 , № 496.
As part of the youth policy of JSC "NC " KRW " branch were sent to 26 of our employees . They participated in the youth camps under the corporate motto "Сен болмасаң, кім? " , A regional forum of young workers "Жастар – темір жол болашағы! " Program "Project Management" and "Future managers " . By decision of 11 branch employees received promotions at the station , and 7 - at our request directed to a permanent job in a variety of affiliated companies of the Company.
As part of the JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Rail Ways»II- nd Republican forum" Youth - the future of the railway "branch sent 4 workers. This Akhmetzhanov Azamat , who finished 3 - Thiers place on the program " Project Management" , presented its innovative project on " Application of warning coloration on the brake shoes to secure the rolling stock ". The peculiarity of this project is to organize and ensure safety by improving the quality of work with strict inventory accounting in conditions of poor visibility. And the presentation of diplomas was made by the President of our Company.
Also, in order to promote knowledge, in-depth study of compliance guidelines for safety and identification of talented young people in the month of July a competition for the " best expert PTE , ICI , PID " with the presentation of all 15 participants and winners of souvenirs. Three of the most active participants of the competition to get a promotion
Preventing injuries and improving working conditions
Jobs in the branch is connected with a number of factors that negatively affect the health of our employees is the intensity and severity of labor, noise, vibration, low light , a chemical factor. This is due to the interaction with the adjacent structural units of the node. Work locomotive and car services, households , electrification and power supply is associated with hazardous and harmful factors. This system of labor protection in general on the railway evolved over decades.
In order to prevent occupational injuries and disorders of the art personal safety of employees in the branch of the system of labor protection rules-based organization of labor safety in JSC NC "KRW " and its subsidiaries adopted the protocol № 02/12 from 7.07.2010 year. Positive experience in building an effective system of labor protection, the development of organizational and material resources and human capacity.
On the whole on realization 10 events on the improvement of terms and labour protection were distinguished and mastered more than 12 million tenge taking into account expenses on overalls, special shoe and other facilities of individual defence. Greater part of the indicated events was sent to the improvement of sanitary-domestic terms of labour of workers, that is one of basic tasks in the system of labour protection on the whole on Company. More than 100 carried wireless stations were purchased for the workers related to the movement trains, 100 names of furniture for workplaces, 50 names of electrical devices, 80 things of visual aids, placards on a labour and signs of safety of labour protection on a lump sum more than 9 million tenge.
For the deep study of knowledge on a labour protection and personal accident prevention in the "World day of labour protection" a quiz was organized with participation 12 workers that showed excellent results on put questions and order of actions at providing of the first medical aid to the victim, for what were the recipients of an award certificates and valuable prizes.
System of health protection and sanatory making healthy
Possibility to get workers due to Company the complex of medical services is given, including on the basis of the system of obligatory and voluntarily medical insurance.
The system of insurance for employees from various insurance cases . So , with the active cooperation of the insurance company " Kazakhinstrakh " sickness voluntarily signed 313 contracts with employees , "Kazkommerts -Policy" of accidents at work and occupational diseases on a mandatory basis - 655.
During a year an insurance company "Mediker" gave medical services on the favourable terms. Thus a worker for annual ambulatory and stationary treatment paid just the size of pension payment and income-tax from an amount covered.
Company to our employees were granted 16 major resorts and recreational facilities the resort regions of Kazakhstan and Russia - the Caucasian Mineral Waters and on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, such as "Altyn Kargaly" (Almaty), "Kapal-Arasan" (Taldykorgan) "Atyrau" (Atyrau), "Moiyldy" (Pavlodar), "Pine Forest" (Kustanai), "Birch" (Karaganda), "Saken Seifullin", "Okzhetpes", "Bugy-Burabay" (Borovoye resort), " Rakhmanov "(Ust-Kamenogorsk)," Pearl of the Trans-Ural "(Shadrinsk)," Volga give "(Saratov)," Valley of Narzan "," Sochi "(Sochi)," Esentuki "," Kislovodsk ".
Overall cost 12 days of rest on a category averaged a "standard" 45-126 thousand tenge. Thus a worker paid just 10-20 % from an overall cost, and pensioner - all only 10 %. To rest and restoration treatment 199 persons and members of their families were sent, including 99 unworking pensioners.
Workers have possibility to direct children in health establishments 50 children of workers of branch, from that 45, rested in health establishments - to CHC
 " Discovery-Borovoe " (Resort Borovoe) and "Madagascar" (Almaty) and 5 - in Turkey.
Development of physical culture and sport
Large attention is spared to development of physical culture and sport, that assists propaganda and forming of healthy way of life among workers, to making healthy and relaxation after physical and mental activities at work and etc.
Most mass are playing types of sport, that 88 persons engaged in. Especially popular it was been: football is 40 persons or 45 %, volley-ball - 27 or 30 %, other (table tennis, bowling, billiards, asyk, darc, bullet firing, chess and checkers) - 21 or 25 %. Thus sport events got organized and conducted in municipal sport complexes caspian " Caspian ", "Astana" and other specialized establishments.
Possibility of improvement of health it can due to given to the workers with partial payment from a 30 % overall cost of subscriptions in a center "Laif Fitness Astana", where during all day the complete spectrum of health services is given in the favourable system due to Company.
Material help to the workers, caring about pensioners and veterans
By a collective agreement between Company and his labour collective basic directions were certain in material support of workers. A 5 meeting of commission is conducted in decision of social questions on results that 100 statements were satisfied, including 28 pensioners, on a lump sum more than 4,7 million tenge.
A material help is distinguished for payment of prosthodontics to 110 workers and 155 pensioners.
As encouragement at creation of young family, an additional pay vacation is given 84 workers in connection with marriage (for 3 days each) with payment of manual on a lump sum 753 thousands tenge.
In connection with birth or adoption of child a material help in size of 2 minimum wages is paid to 55 workers, that was substantial sponsorship at one working family member.
Also support is indemnification of charges on passage on a railway transport in sleeping carriages on territory of KR and CIS, when except a worker this right the second family member can also take advantage of. These compensative payments are produced to a 201 man, from that 18 pensioners.
The special attention is spared to the workers, whose long-term and conscientious labour is inlaid in development of railway. An one-time material help is produced on anniversary dates to the women (55) and men (60) to 7 workers to the amount of 387 thousand tenge.
We bears the social responsibility before workers and pensioners of branch, from year to year, increasing facilities on social privileges. To date only 284 pensioners constantly all-round and material support renders that are counted.
To the railroaders gone on a pension from a branch, an one-time discharge pay is distinguished in size of 2 million tenge on 16 persons.
In days celebration of anniversary dats 70, 80, 90, on the personal accounts cash disbursements are enumerated 22 torailroaders in size of 220 thousand tenge.
In addition, a material help in size of 1,2 million tenge is rendered to the holidays "Day of workers of transport and connection", "Victory Day", "Day of senior".
Payment of material help to 17 workers is produced in connection with death near relation with a grant additional 3 pay working days. Also on a burial 15 pensioners material facilities are distinguished their relatives to the amount of 340 thousand tenge.
On the whole the powerful system of social responsibility and motivation of personnel, that is directed, is created in a branch, foremost, on every separate worker and pensioner-railroader. Thus we are firmly convinced that the social work and self-feedback of every employee conducted by us in the appendix of a maximum of efforts in the direction of development of our enterprise, will give the combined positive result in development of Company and welfare of country.
It was born in 1928 in Bashkiria. Labour activity of beginning in 1950. 
From 1956 to 1988 worked at the station of Akmola in position of helper of compiler, by a yardmaster. Recipient of an award the order of Labour Red Banner.
BEISENOV DAKEN SIDIKOVISH. It was born in 1929. At the station worked from 1970 to 1989 in position of helper of compiler, by a compiler. "Sign of Honour" the recipient of an award an order.
EREHODOV ALEKSANDR TROFIMOVISH. It was born in 1929. At the station worked 30 more than 1989 to in position of yardmaster, the station workers are 1996 to. Recipient of an award the order of Labour Red Banner.
MIKHALTSOV ALEXEI ALEXANDROVICH. It was born in 1936. At the station worked from 1960, experience of work 32. Worked on positions of helper of compiler, compiler, signalista, operator of signalbox. Recipient of an award the order of Labour Red Banner.
IVAN GRIGORIEVICH GRIGORIEV. It was born in 1945. At the station worked in position of compiler from 1968 to 1998, For the labour "Sign of Honour" the recipient of an award an order.
SULEIMENOV MUSTAFA SULEYMENOVICH. It was born in 1932. At the station worked from 1973 to 1989 in positions of attendant for the stations, station controller. Headed a trade-union committee. For the labour recipient of an award the order of Lenin, the "Honoured railroader" is acquainted.
DYKOV SERGEY ALEKSANDROVICH. It was born in 1927. At the station worked from 1954 to 1987 in position of yardmaster. For the labour recipient of an award the orders of October revolution, "Sign of Honour". The "Honoured railroader" is marked a sign.
SERGEY ALEKSEEVICH FEDOROV. It was born in 1934. At the station worked 35 more than from 1985 to 1993 in position of yardmaster. The "Honoured railroader" the recipient of an award a sign.
MITSUTO TAMARA KONSTANTINOVNA. It was born in 1937. Labour experience 34. At the station worked from 1957 to 1992 in positions: spischik , tehkontorschik , shunting dispatcher on duty in the park , the station manager , node manager , head tehkontory , station duty officer of EC -2. For the of many years labour had a 101 encouragement, recipient of an award a sign the "Honoured railroader".
NEGMEDZHANOV KALIHAN. It was born in 1933. At the station worked in position of yardmaster from 1972 to 1991. The "Honoured railroader", "Veteran of labour", the recipient of an award a sign.
ZIGANSHIN NAIL BARIEVNA. It was born in 1929. At the station worked 44, from 1949 to 1993 in positions: commodity receiving , senior commodity receiving , shunting manager of the local operation. Recipient of an award a sign the "Honoured railroader", by a medal "For a labour valour".
OCASIO TOLEUKHAN. He was born September 24, 1946 in the village Akzhar Tarbagatai area of the East Kazakhstan region. From 1972 to the present day at the station worked by an authorized rate , senior and then released foreman RSDV. In 1986, for the conscientious work he was awarded the Order of Labor Glory III-rd degree. In 1993 - the "Honoured railroader is acquainted".
DUISENBAI SAGADALLA SAGADIEVICH. Born on 10.19.1946 in the village Kenes Alekseevskogo district of Akmola region. Education higher, finished the Tashkent institute of engineers of railway transport in 1968. Labour activity was begun with a senior weigher on the stations Pavlodar, and continued in former position at the station Jean-aul after service in rows of Soviet Army. Further career with 1970-1974 at the station Atbasar from a commodity cashier, managing freight court to the station-master. Taking into account organizational capabilities, was translated by a station-master Esil, and in a year in 1975 was appointed by the depchief of the Tselinograd separation of road, where worked 1986 to.
With formation of the Akmola separation of road, was translated by the depchief of separation of road on freight and commercial work - by a station-master Arkalyk. In 1990 was translated by a station-master on the Torgay area, and in 1997 - by the chief of department of access roads of the Travelling center of a brandname transport service. Since 1998, with the formation of BPH " Railwayekspedition " was transferred to the Deputy Head of the Agency in Akmola. Since 1998, with the formation of BPH " Railwayekspedition 1999 to 2008 he worked at the Delegation of the Director General of RSE " Kazakhstan Rail Ways" ( President of JSC" NC " Kazakhstan Rail Ways" ) the Northern region as a chief inspector " was transferred to the Deputy Head of the Agency in Akmola. From 2009 - Deputy Head of Production and Technical Department of the branch of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Rail Ways" - " Station Astana ". For long-term labour and efficiency on a management repeatedly encouraged a production by deeds, and also the "Honoured railroader" the recipient of an award in 1995 a sign.
SERGEI MAKSIMOVICH NOCHVAY. 2.01.1942 was born year in a village Смолдеров to Ukrainian SSR. Education is the middling-special, Akmola railway school (1962 year). Labour activity was begun with an item Tselinograd in 1961 from position by the helper of tormozilschika, yardmaster, operator of mechanical hill, attendant on parks (even, odd number, forming park). From 1966 he worked as shunting dispatcher on duty at the station EC - 1.2 , 1980-2005 year - the station manager. For long-term and blameless labour the "Honoured railroader" is rewarded in 2001 by a sign.
ZHASHIBAEVA ALTYNAY ABDULLOVNA. Born on 09.10.1949 in the town of Akmolinsk.  Education college , Tselinograd Railway College. Labor activity began with art. Tselinograd in 1969 from the post of spischika cars. He worked as assistant station junction number 34 , Koscheku station , the park and the duty station post EC - item 1.2 . Tselinograd. In 1980 translated by an instructor on the safe methods of labour, in 1982 - by an engineer on a labour protection. In 1980 translated by an instructor on the safe methods of labour, in 1982 - by an engineer on a labour protection. For blameless work in 2004 recipient of an award a medal “ Адал еңбегі үшін”.
VASILY OLEINIK KHARITONOVICH. Born on 04.15.1946 in the village Stepashkin Vinitsky region of the Ukrainian SSR. For blameless work in 2004 recipient of an award a medal. Labor activity begins in 1965 at the junction Barankulsky Tselinograd branch roads since 1969 has worked at the station . Tselinograd in posts : shoemaker tormozilschikom - operated mechanical slides, on duty at the post of centralization , station duty officer , EC - 1 , shunting dispatcher at the local. From 1984 translated by an instructor on the safe methods of labour, and from 1985 - by an engineer on training of personnels. For longstanding and excellent job in 1985 he was awarded the medal " Veteran of Labor " , in 2004 - the medal " Адал еңбегі үшін."
KUDRYASHOV LYUDMILA ALEKSANDROVNA. 27.01.1963 was born year. Education higher, the Almaty institute of engineers of railway transport. She worked in various capacities station : operator on duty in the park , on duty at the post centralization EC -2 , deputy and then head of production and technical department of the station . She worked as head of production and technical department of the Directorate of traffic. For trouble-free operation in 2004, he was awarded the medal " Адал еңбегі үшін".
NAZARBEK ERBOLAT KADYROVICH. BORN on 03.03.1964 in the city of Tselinograd . Higher education, graduated from Alma -Ata Institute of Railway Engineers . He began his career in 1986 on duty in the park , working on duty post centralization post EC -2 , train dispatcher , deputy chief of station for operations , and double from 1993 to 2005 - the chief of station, Akmola (Astana ) . In 2004 he was awarded the "Honorary railroad" .
BATUEV ARTEM PAVLOVICH. Born on 01.23.1964 in the city of Tselinograd. Higher education, Almaty Institute of Railway Engineers . Since 1982, he held various positions station : the operator and the duty of the hump , on duty in the park formation , shunting manager . From 1990 to the present time the station manager . In 2007 he was awarded the "Honorary railroad" .
ABDULLINA KULIASH KABDRASHEVNA. Born on 03.08.1954 at Osakarov district of Karaganda region . In 1975, the work activity begins at the station Tselinograd commodity receiving container yard . In 1994 he moved foreman commercial inspection points . In 2004, he was awarded the medal " Адал еңбегі үшін " , and in 2008 - was awarded "Honorary railroad" .
SEYSEKEEV TALGAT MUHAMETKALIEVICH. Born on 04.23.1956 in the town of Akmolinsk. Graduate of the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications . Work experience at the station Tselinograd begins with a hump . He worked as a duty officer hump , shunting and the station manager , assistant chief of station for traffic safety , and since 2000 - Vice (first) chief for operations . In 2009 he was awarded the "Honorary railroad".

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