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Sport mass work, sport and recreation activities

JSC “NC “KTZh” pays great attention to physical training and sport.

Physical well-being and sporting mass work at JSC "NC" KTZh "is aimed primarily at achieving the following objectives:

• improving the health and reducing morbidity workers in the sector;

• prophylaxis of various diseases;

• maintaining high working capacity railway workers;

• Increasing solidarity of labor collectives and the intra-corporate competitive spirit;

• promoting a healthy lifestyle among railway workers and their families.

The organization of the massive and sports and recreation activities at JSC "NC" KTZh" is carried out by 42 sport instructors at 13 offices of the road, Zaschitinskiy subdivision and Dostyk station.

The scope of their services includes more than 90 thousand industry employees from 397 organizations of railway transport.

The Office on the social work is in charge of coordination of the work and overall management of physical culture workers, organization and conduction the competitions of "NC" KTZh" and sport activities which are undertaken among the staff of central office JSC" NC "KTZh" and among the railway workers from all regions.

Fundamental document in accordance with which the entire physical education and health improvement activities are held is the Schedule of sport events and competitions, approved by management of "NC" KTZh" as well as calendar plans for sport events and competitions among divisions of the roads, which are prepared for the period of one year.

All final competitions held by JSC "NC" KTZh" are preceded by the mass physical culture and sports activities in teams of enterprises, at the nodes, in the offices of the road. Annually around 500 sport events are carried out at railway transport enterprises covering approximately 20,000 railway workers.

In accordance with the timetable sport events and competitions of "NC" KTZh" we have conducted: championships on table tennis, mini football, volleyball (men and women), basketball, handball, chess, mini-football among the youth teams, winter and summer Spartakiad of JSC "NC" KTZh" Spartakiad among the staff of the central office JSC" NC "KTZh", Spartakiad among the workers of the branches and subsidiaries of JSC "NC" KTZh", competition by the President’s physical fitness tests in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 2010 it is became traditional to carry out such sport festival as "Dad, Mom, I - sporting family".

In all branches of the road and large railway junctions are carried out mass sport and sport and recreational activities on such holidays as "Nowryz", the professional holiday - the Day of the workers in Transport and Communications sector and the Independence Day of Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the time of many years sport delegation of "NC" KTZh" has represented Kazakhstan at the International Issyk-Kul Sports Games organized by the International Organization of the SCO (Shanghai Six), jointly with the Kyrgyz government under the theme" Asia - a region of cooperation and peace".

In May 2010, at the 49th Congress of the International Union of sportsmen - railway workers (USIC), it was decided to join the Republic of Kazakhstan into this organization in the face of "NC" KTZh". Now, starting 2011, our company has the right to participate in competitions held in the USIC. And since 2014 we have the right to organize and conduct one of the scheduled sport events.

With the purpose of health improvement of the JSC "NC" KTZ " staff in central office, the branches and subsidiaries in the administrative building of the Company, a gym (for sectional sessions in basketball, volleyball, mini-soccer) and swimming pool was provided.

The photo stand is issued for each sports competition.

All sport events of "NC" KTZh" are reported in such newspapers as "Liter" and "Kazakhstan temіrzholshysy". The main idea in all materials is the promotion the healthy lifestyle of the railways sector worker.


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