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Sanatorium wellness

Healthy worker is the pledge of Company’s success

It is known that the working conditions railwaymen involve a number unfavorable factors, such as significant physical, psychological and emotional overload, a traveling nature of the work, as well as prolonged exposure to the outdoors.

All of the above is certainly a major risk factor for the development of several diseases of the respiratory, cardio - vascular and digestive systems, impellent - musculoskeletal system, occupational intoxications.

A major focus of the prevention of these diseases, as well as their exacerbations is a sanatorium Wellness railway employees.

Each year, JSC "National Company" Kazakstan Temir Zholy" (hereinafter -Company) conducts Wellness procedures for workers and pensioners living in different regions of Kazakhstan.

Currently Company runs the only medical health center - a subsidiary of the Company - "Sanatorium S. Seifullin".

Sanatorium - dispensary named after S. Seifullin have every right to be numbered among the best health institutions in Shchuchinsk – Borovskoi recreation area.

To the services of the railwaymen is granted the double, standard, semi luxury and luxury rooms equipped with everything necessary to have a good rest. For leisure time available the billiards, table tennis, sauna, gym, daily cultural - mass events it's tour of the resort coast Borovoy, concerts, sporting events.

Profile of the sanatorium named after S. Seyfullin are the diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal and respiratory system (excluding tuberculosis).

Experienced and qualified medical personnel of the sanatorium is carrying out such treatments as:

• mud baths (mud pack and galvanic mud of local treatment of the lake)

• baths (pine, salt, bath Zalmanov, etc.)

• therapeutic saunas

• healing douche

• pressure chamber

• hydrocolonotherapy

• Dental Office

• study of treatment with infrared magnitolazerom

• Hardware physiotherapy (UHF, SMC) darsanval, electrophoresis, magnitolechenie, UTZ, UHF, electric, SCR

• massage office

• department of physiotherapy

• fito treatment

• ultrasonic diagnostics

• gynecological

• salt chamber - a room the salt mine.

Taking care of its employees and retirees, the company pays part of the value of trips to sanatoriums. Thus, for standard rooms for retired employees of the industry is paid 10% of the value of vouchers; for semi luxury - accommodation industry workers paid20% of the value of vouchers; pensioners - 10% luxury - rooms 30% - employees and 15% of the vouchers for retirees of the railway industry.

Of course, the only resort within the jurisdiction would not be able completely meet the needs of the Company to improve the healthof workers and pensioners of the industry.

To meet the the needs of employees and due to the numerous requests of railwaymen, vouchers are purchased in thesanatoriums located in different regions of Kazakhstan.

Sanatorium and resort treatment is medical care is undertaken for preventive, medical and rehabilitation purposes, using the natural medical factors in conditions of staying at a resort in the treatment - recreational areas in the sanatorium institutions.

The organization of sanatorium - resort treatment is an integral part of Company's social policy, which allows targeted and effective implementation of disease prevention and medical rehabilitation, which has a positive impact on improving the health of workers and reduce morbidity.


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