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Care for children

Joint-Stock Company "National Company" Kazakstan Temir Zholy' pays great attention to the younger generation, as children of railwaymen in the future, may follow in the footsteps of their parents and will make a significant contribution to the development of rail transport. The Company has conducted various competitions with the participation of children of employees, such as a photo exhibition "We re the railwaymen in several generations!", the exhibition of children's and youth's art "Balausa bolashak", organized children's recreation summer vacation, and also held a variety of Christmas events. Becomes a good tradition to show the puppet theater presentation, "Sesame" to the Children's Day.

Dear colleagues!

Office of Social Work announces about the exhibition of children's and youth's art "Balausa bolashak". Participants of the exhibition are children and grandchildren of employees of JSC "NC" KTZh "its structural divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, affiliates.

Submitted drawings will be judged in the following age categories: up to 5 years, from 6 to 8 years 9 to 11 years from 12 to 14 years.For the category "up to 8 years' themes are free. Subject to the nomination "of 9 years and older" - "My dad and mom are workingon the railway".

Winners will be awarded gifts and participants with incentive prizes.

Children’s summer holiday

JSC "NC" KTZh " holds an annual policy for children's summer recreation campaign for railwaymen’s children.

Paying great attention to the development and improvement of children and the engagement of children during school holidays, JSC "NC" KTZh " provides vouchers to their employees during the summer to children's health centers in order during free time from school children of railway workers could to undergo rehabilitation course, have fun and interesting time.

Spending summer vacations in the camps in addition to rehabilitation course, children have the opportunity to demonstrate their organizational skills, to develop their creative potential, actively participate in sport activities, hiking, at the same time develop their skills and abilities. Learn something new and to consolidate their knowledge of the school. Every year under health and rest on a group of companies 9,000 children of railwaymen, as well as 105 children had a rest in summer 2010 in Bulgaria.

JSC "NC" KTZh "pays great attention to the organization of the safety of children including transportation and accompaniment to the place of rest and treatment. Considerable assistance in the organization, control and safety of children's leisure activities for children has a "The Trade Union of of railwaymen".

New Year holidays

After an active, busy holiday, kids starts their school time which demand from them a lot of energy and effort into their studies. Dipping into a sequence of "labor school everyday life," kids are dreaming about magic and fairy tale. Exactly these feelings give the upcoming holiday - New Year.

New Year for children is always a fairy tale. Everything shines, sparkles and becomes incredibly beautiful. In the streets snow is shimmering in white crystals, and the town as if dressed in gold jewelry, preparing for the holiday. Everywhere glitter Christmas garlands, Christmas trees sparkle and shine all the windows shines with decorations.

Everything is ready for the New Year. And every child believes that Santa Claus will bring something to him. Similarly, the JSC "NC"KTZh "take care of their employees and their families. For the children of railwaymen company organizes participation in the Christmas party. Over 75 000 gifts company gives to children of its employees acting as "Grandfather Frost". In order to explore the history and culture of Kazakhstan, as well as knowledge of the culture of another country, children from large families, poor families living in remote stations, those who study at 3,4,5 grades to participate in Akimat’s, the President’s, the Kreml’s Christmas parties. In Akimat’s Christmas party are involved 200 children in President’s Christmas party 300 children and in the Kreml’s Christmas party 36 children.


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