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Centre for Development of new and import-substituting industries

Dear domestic producers!

In 2010 in the framework of the State program of Forced Industrial - Innovation Development of Kazakhstan JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" and Talgo Patentes SA (Spain) formed a joint venture to build a plant to produce passenger Talgo coaches with 150 carriages per year.

During the realization of the project is planned to achieve a level of localization (local content), more than 50% for the third year of the project.

Source One Company on behalf of the Talgo Patentes SA is working on the selection of qualified suppliers of parts and components for the planned for production Talgo coaches in Kazakhstan .


The selection process will be implemented in three stages:

Step 1: Creating a database of potential suppliers of parts and components. Assessment of financial management and production capacity for compliance with Talgo.

Stage 2: Provision of technical specifications. Matching quotations and delivery times.

Phase 3: long-term contracts and control of supplies.

To better understand the production capabilities of your company attach more:

1: General overview of your company in presentation form (in English).

2. The list of your existing equipment with an indication of models and manufacturers.

If you have more questions on completing this form please contact:

+7 (7172) 575090, +77777773020 Raev.Nurbek, e-mail: info@sourceone.kz

The second copy of the completed questionnaires should be sent to the branch of JSC "NC" KTZ " "Center to develop new and import-substituting industries" for details and generalizations.

E-mail: filial_iac@mail.ru tel. +7 (7172) 605753, +77772154295 Uskenov Zinur


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