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Track works on the railway has began


On the railway section of Turkestan-Shoytobe, the first technological "window" was completed to overhaul the track. 1.5 km of assembled rails and sleepers is laid.

The work was carried out according to the schedule of the railway overhaul. In March it is planned to repair 53.9 km of track, in the second quarter - 444.6 km, in the third - 342.8, in the fourth - 27.49 km.

In general, this year 860 kilometers of railroad will be repaired.

Since January of this year work on the intensive-medium repair of the railroad has begun. At present, 16.7 km is completed from 43 km, which is 38% of the plan. The repair was carried out on the Zhetybai-Uzen stretch, at the stations of Turkestan, Arys and Kazykurt.

In the frame of the track works for 2018, the average repair of the tracks will be carried out in the volume of 100 km.

Press-office of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy"



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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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«NC «KTZ» privatization
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