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Constructive partnership between JSC "NC" KTZ "and the branch trade union demonstrates its effectiveness

The results of the work for 2017 were summed up at the meeting of the Central Council of the Public Association "Kazakhstan Industrial Trade Union of Railway, Automobile, Air and Water Transport Workers" with the participation of Erik Imashev, Vice President for Corporate Support of JSC "NC" KTZ ", Bakytzhan Abdraim, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, branch trade union - Orazgali Ahmetbaev.

The report was made by deputy chairman of the Central Council of the branch trade union Zhuparbek Sabitov.

He talked about work to improve social welfare, protect labor rights and interests of transport workers.

"The terms of the Collective Agreement in JSC NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "were fully implemented, which ensured social stability in railway transport," Z. Sabitov said, stressing "the success of the work and constructive cooperation of the trade union with the company's management."

In December 2017, the Collective Agreement for 2018-2020 between the JSC "NC" KTZ "and its labor collective was signed. When developing the document, more than 100 proposals received from the work collective were taken into account. The collective agreement is brought into line with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A number of additional social obligations have been identified. In particular, the tariff rates and official salaries for employees of line branches have been indexed since January 2017, despite economic difficulties.

In all structural divisions of JSC "NC" KTZ "Collective Agreements and additional Agreements to them have been adopted.

"The collective agreement as a legal document regulating social and labor relations is the basis for its execution by the administration of the company," Zh. Sabitov said and noted that "the main thing for the implementation of the provisions of the Collective Agreement is to increase the volume of transportation, increase labor productivity, increase profitability, non-productive expenses ".

In 2017, the branch trade union received 57 complaints and appeals, 47 of them were approved positively. Basically, questions were raised on reimbursement of expenses for employees for travel in passenger trains, wages for weekends and holidays, introduction of a branch allowance, and paid environmental holidays.

According to Zh. Sabitov, at the initiative of the trade union, the Industrial Safety Councils and the Institute of Technical Inspectors involved in the investigation of accidents have been set up and in the commissions for attestation of production facilities for working conditions. As a result of 2017, these structures revealed 25,445 comments on safety and labor protection issues, most of which were eliminated.

Deputy Chairman of the branch trade union Nurlan Nurpeisov also reported on the work done to protect social and labor rights, to provide material and charitable assistance, organize and conduct cultural and sports events.

The meeting noted the importance of a constructive partnership between the administration and the trade union, due to which the social stability of the work collective is strengthened, which, in turn, is the key to effective work to fulfill the tasks facing the transport industry.

The branch trade union declared the year 2018 the year "Collective agreement is a guarantee of stability".

Press-office of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy"



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