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2018 was declared the year of the stationmaster in JSC "NC" KTZ"

The issues of traffic safety in railway transport were discussed with the participation of stationmasters at the republican seminar-meeting in Taraz.

The seminar, held at the Zhambyl branch of the State Enterprise, focused on the implementation of the Program of organizational and technical measures to ensure traffic safety for 2017-2020.

The director of the Department of JSC "KTZ - Freight Transportation" Berik Istleyev noted the importance of this Program "for assessing the competence of personnel, training employees for actions in unusual situations" and reported that "in the Centers for Evaluation and Development of Railway Transport Personnel, 1,224 employees passed training."

For specialists at the regional and linear levels, seminars are held to exchange best practices, training is conducted on environmental management, improving professional security.

"Particular attention is paid to automation and improvement of technological processes, identifying prerequisites and objectively establishing the circumstances and causes of traffic safety violations," says B.Istleyev.

Preventive work to ensure safety on the railway, prevent accidents on people, livestock and vehicles, is conducted with the participation of all involved services: the militarized railway guard, the transport prosecutor's office, police, territorial bodies of transport control.

At the seminar, the railwaymen exchanged experience on identifying and eliminating traffic safety hazards on the railway, received answers to all questions of interest.

Participants noted the importance and role of the stationmaster in ensuring safety in railway transport, in organizing the operation of the railway junction. There are 836 stations operating on the railway network of Kazakhstan.

"It is necessary to raise the status of the stationmaster. This initiative is an opportunity to increase its responsibility for the implementation of key performance indicators of the station, "stressed B. Istleyev.

"A competent specialist with experience of work and deep knowledge is appointed to the post of the stationmaster. He must be a communicable person, enjoying authority in the team and among the heads of related services, "said deputy director of the Zhambyl branch of the State Enterprise U. Ryspekov.

2018 in JSC "KTZ-Freight Transportation" was declared the Year of the stationmaster.

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