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Over a thousand violators of the rules for crossing the railway tracks were detained in 2017

Railwaymen together with the transport police organized in 2017 about a thousand raids to ensure the safety of citizens on the main tracks.

"We constantly hold meetings, talks with residents of settlements near the railroad tracks. We pay special attention to schoolchildren; we talk about the rules of behavior in the zone of increased danger, "says Zhantore Yesengarayev, manager of the Situational Center of the Branch of JSC" NC "KTZ" - "Directorate of the Backbone Network".

At major railway stations, they broadcast preventive videos on the rules of crossing the railway tracks.

"We are telling about the rules for crossing the main roads in the mass media, we are constantly inform about the results of the quarterly raids through the republican and local press," Yesengarayev said.

Together with the employees of the LDIA (LINEAR DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS), mobile teams have been set up to carry out workings for the areas most susceptible to accidents and emergency braking.

Annually, round tables are held with the participation of representatives of ministries, the Main Transport Prosecutor's Office, on which measures are being designed to prevent traffic safety violations in railway transport.

Continued work in a planned order to install devices that protect the territory of stations and areas adjacent to them, from people on the road, equipped with pedestrian crossings with the installation of warning signs of danger. So, in 2017, 236 km of main tracks are protected from people's exit on the way, including: 152 km of the stations' territories and 84 km of the apron (railway) fence.

Despite all these measures, in 2017, there were 112 accidents when people were hit by the trains on railway tracks. According to the results of official investigations, in all cases the victims themselves are to blame. As a rule, they roughly break the Rules for crossing the railway tracks, ignore warning signs, and forget about caution and vigilance in the zone of increased danger.

Press - office of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy

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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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