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In JSC "NC" KTZ" were discussed the issues of Introduction blockchain technology in the railway industry


The round table devoted to the topic of the introduction of blockchain technology in the railway industry was held in JSC "NC" KTZ.

The heads of the Company’s IT services, representatives of the Kazakhstan Association of IT Companies, NCE “Atameken”, Transtelecom companies, Kazakhtelecom, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, “BPC Banking Technologies” participated in the event.

"Within the framework of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”, the Company has developed the “Digital Railroad” program aimed at automating its core business processes," said Arman Nurushev, vice president of information technologies at JSC NC KTZ, and noted the Company's interest in use of blockchain technology in the transport and logistics industry.

Director of the branch of JSC "NC" KTZ "-" Directorate of Automation and Digitalization "Serik Tolebayev informed about the progress of the “Digital Railroad” program implementation and focused on the main areas of work: e-commerce, industrial Internet, large data analysis.

"Digitalization of production processes can improve the quality of services. One of its promising directions today is blockchain technology, which will simplify and improve the process of information exchange and storage between the participants of the logistics chain, "S. Tolebayev said.

Currently, 90% of the world's goods turnover in containers, in the delivery of each of them about 30 links of the logistics chain, including the consignor, the consignee, the carrier, customs and control agencies, between which there are more than 200 units of information interactions.

"Each of these links of the chain will be able to record in the blockchain from smartphone, which will allow refusing the need to issue shipping documents at each stage of the way," S. Tolebayev said.

During the discussion, representatives of Kazakhstan and foreign IT companies were told about the application of technologies in the transport sector and presented their own developments in this direction.

Blockchain technology in the transport industry has a wide application from the introduction of electronic document management, to the automation of transport and logistics supply chains, providing speed, reliability, security, and also making it possible to reduce the cost of the entire transportation process. The standards of blockchain can also be applied for accurate forecasting of volumes of transportation, storage of information on the condition of rolling stock and equipment, including spare parts used in repair shops.

Press-office of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy"



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