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Training on practical use of “Cube of Stock”


In January of this year the Transformation Team performed a training on the practical use of “Cube of stock” developed within the framework of the project “Procurement category management”. The training was held with the participation of the employees from the structural units of the Company and its subsidiaries.

G.S. Amanbayeva, the Leader of the Supply Chain Management Stream of the branch of JSC “NC “KTZ” - “Center for Business Transformation”, in collaboration with the team has informed the employees about the best practices in the area of stock management and has demonstrated the core capabilities of the developed tool.

“Cube of stock” - is an analytical tool that allows to process the transactional data of informational systems for further analysis of the stock amount.

During the training the team has demonstrated capabilities of “Cube of stock” in terms of forming the analytical reporting for detailed analysis of inventory, their categorization, and development of the replenishment models required to improve the service level and ensure the rational level of stock.

The trainees got an opportunity to complete the practical tasks independently, in particular, to create analytical reports with the use of the stock data in the categories breakdown.

“Ability to work with “Cube of stock” will allow the employees to obtain transparent information on stock, to estimate the required indicators for analytics and make flexible managerial decisions”, - Gulnara Amanbayeva notes.

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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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