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JSC “Passenger transportation” will increase the quality of services in 2018

February 9 this year president of JSC "Passenger transportation" Arman Sultanov held a meeting on the results of work for 2017 and tasks for 2018.

In the course of conference reports of the branches and subsidiaries of the company were heard.

The President of the company focused on the issues of increasing the efficiency of the activities of JSC "Passenger transportation", improving the quality of services, and the level of training of service personnel.

"The employees of the train crews are the face of the railway, the image of the whole company depends on their professionalism and personal qualities," A. Sultanov said and noted that "first of all, it is necessary to ensure the training of service personnel, its training, professional development with the involvement of international trainers" ,

It was also noted the importance of creating working conditions, motivation, personal and professional growth for workers in the sphere of passenger transportation.

"We must change our thinking and fundamentally revise our attitude towards the customer”. Everything for passengers", - A.Sultanov's said.

The head of the company outlined the priority tasks for 2018. This improvement in the quality of service, the introduction of a new standard for the equipping of trains with service equipment; renewal of rolling stock taking into account modern requirements.

In addition, it is planned to optimize wages, introduce multimodal transportation, digitalization of passenger transportation processes.

At the end of the year the best division of JSC "Passenger transportation" was determined and a banderol was handed over. The collective of the regional branch “Yuzhny” became the best division.

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