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The Kazakh-Chinese business forum was held at ICBC "Khorgos"


The business forum on attraction of investments was organized on the initiative of the Administrative Committee of JSC ICBC "Khorgos" (RK) and FEZ "Khorgos" (PRC).

The event was attended by representatives of the Akimat of the Almaty region and Almaty city, JSC "NC" KTZ", the people's government of the Ili-Kazakh Autonomous Region, business district of the RK and PRC.

"ICBC" Khorgos "is a large-scale project of cross-border trade and economic cooperation. The center has an advantageous geographical position, the ancient Silk Road passed exactly through Khorgos. Importance of this centre increases every year, "says Alexei Ivanov, the vice-president of JSC ICBC" Khorgos ".

As it is known, ICBC "Khorgos" received the status of SEZ. It includes the creation of favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurial activities and attraction of investments to the territory of the Kazakhstan. Entrepreneurs are exempted from paying basic taxes, except social taxes. This is land tax; property tax; corporate income tax; zero VAT rate for goods sold on the territory of FEZ; lack of quota for attracting foreign labor. All these privileges and preferences are applied for Kazakhstan and foreign participants of FEZ.

"In ICBC" Khorgos "provide great opportunities to enter new markets. There is not only China, also the vast market of the EEA, the CIS and South-East Asia. We regard this as the uniqueness of our project based on the principles of trust, mutual benefit, equality and the desire for joint development, " Ivanov said.

It was noted at the forum that the actively developing ICBC "Khorgos" creates conditions and gives great opportunities for the development of border regions, business tourism, trade, cultural and humanitarian cooperation.

An agreement was signed on development of cooperation in trade, tourism, industry, scientific and educational spheres at the Kazakh-Chinese business forum.

Press-office of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy"

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