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Engine drivers of operational locomotive depots drive by "electronic" routes


"Electronic" routes of locomotive drivers are implemented in all operational locomotive depots of JSC "KTZ- Freight Transportation".

It is increases the efficiency of the transportation process. "Electronic" route as the main document of control and accounting of the work of the locomotive crew, minimizes the human factor, ensures the reliability and efficiency of the data.

In addition, paperless technology allows to keep accurate records of fuel and energy resources spent on the traction of trains.

"The locomotive fleet of JSC" KTZ-Freight transportation "is fully equipped with the automated control system" Energy dispatcing traction"(ACS EDT). It makes it possible, in an automated mode, to maintain the electronic routes of the driver at the locomotive level, "says Yegor Lesnykh, director of the department of fuel and energy resources of “KTZ-Freight transportation” JSC.

According to him, the approbation of this system took place during the last three years. Last year, more than one million "electronic" routes were formed.

In the cabin of each locomotive high-precision instrumentation is installed. Before the trip, a flash card is issued to the locomotive teams of the depot, which identifies the driver on the locomotive and serves as a storage device for which the information of the entire route is recorded in accordance with the devices of the automated control system of EDT.

E.Lesnykh explained that before the introduction of this system, the driver after the trip filled out a special form about his route. It reflected the time of turnout, the route, stops at stations and other information. Now, when you turn up for work, the attorney or the duty officer on the depot in the automated control system leads an "electronic" route. The attendance at work is recorded, the medical examination is shown, and the instruction is marked. In the flight, the electronic route is filled automatically according to information systems.

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