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The first winter of the station "Nurly Zhol" passes in regular mode


In a special mode all divisions of JSC "NC" KTZ "work due to abnormal frosts. In the zone of special attention is the provision of uninterrupted traffic of passenger trains, the work of railway stations.

The railway station complex "Nurly Zhol" is experiencing its first winter. Strong frosts did not interfere with the operation of the station in normal mode. Employees work shifts, carrying out a non-stop duty.

They provide uninterrupted water and heat supply. Electricity, multi-zone air-conditioning systems are in good condition.

Particular attention is paid to an access ramp with a length of 2.5 km, intersecting the ten metropolitan streets under construction. There are three receiving and sending routes, which branch out into six station tracks.

An access ramp is a unique construction that has no analog in Kazakhstan. During the snowfalls in the round-the-clock mode, work is underway to clean it with a special snow-removing machine.

Nurly Zhol "Railway station" "is a new facility. Therefore, our employees study all the features of its work in winter conditions. We daily inspect the metal and supporting parts of the access ramp, bolt fastenings, "says Mengali Davletshin, bridge patrolman of the Astana track distance.

Since the commissioning of the railway station "Nurly Zhol" has served more than 2 million people, according to the schedule, 50 passenger trains run.

In the normal mode, other railway stations operate during these frosty days. In strong cold the station accepted all: arrivals, departing, and mourners. There were more people here than on ordinary days. However, this did not prevent the passengers from serving, to land on trains in normal mode.

Railwaymen in difficult weather conditions shall take all measures to ensure timely delivery of passengers to destinations.

Press-office of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "


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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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