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All services of JSC "NC" KTZ "work in an enhanced mode


In the days of extremely cold weather, all the divisions of JSC "NC" KTZ "were transferred to a special mode of operation.

"24-hour duty of the emergency brigades is organized in the railway departments, operative measures are being taken to ensure the safety of train traffic in difficult weather conditions," says B.Uali, the executive director of the backbone network of JSC "NC" KTZ ".

As B. Uali said, "under special control are the heating system, proper temperature regime of office space, electrical centralization posts and station buildings. Routes and detours of roads are conducted, constant communication with all related services is maintained. "

Under the special attention work of means of rail diagnostics, a condition of a rail economy, butt clearances, air shooters, a tension of wires VL-10.

Stable operation of railway transport in the regions is in the zone of increased attention.

As noted by the leading engineer of the Pavlodar branch of the backbone network B.Taylakov, the situation on the railways of the region is stable. About 600 specialists daily conduct routine inspections and maintenance of tracks. Pavlodar railway workers take all necessary measures to ensure traffic safety and prevent emergencies.

In Kostanay there are 24-hour duty of heads of enterprises of the region. As the first deputy director of the Kostanai department of cargo transportation A.Sharseitov informed, additional employees are involved in the detour of stations, ways, divisions. Trackmakers have been transferred to an enhanced version of duty.

R. Burataev, the chief of the operational and administrative department of the Akmola department of freight traffic, reported that a round-the-clock schedule of duty persons in the carload depot, locomotive depot, stations has been developed in the region. Every employee is instructed to observe labor protection in winter conditions.

Their security measures were taken in the Akmola branch of the backbone network.

"We have 32 snowplows and snow-removal machines constantly working at the ready, there is a 100-percent supply of diesel fuel, coal, all boilers work. Also employees are provided with overalls, after all they work in the street, check on ways contact wires, the equipment, the maintenance of air arrows ", - the chief of a department of safety of movement A.Irimbetova has informed.

In the Semey branch of the backbone network in the Zashitinsky region when the temperature of the outside air is lowered, the workers of the Serebryanskaya and Protarinsky making rounds twice. A schedule has also been drawn up according to which the heads of the plots and branches make detours on the sections of Oskemen-1-Ridder, Oskemen-1-Zyryanovsk, Oskemen-1-Shemonaiha.

"All equipment is in good condition, fueled, including snow-removal, snow-cleaning equipment, trolley, repair and fire train. In a word, all the funds of the branches have been mobilized for prompt response in the event of abnormal situations, "says A. Sembinov, the lead engineer of the Semey branch of the backbone network in the Zashitinsky region.

Press-office of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "

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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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