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The challenges of current year's Address have been discussed in all regional branches of JSC "NC" KTZ"


January 11-16 this year the heads of JSC"NC" Kazakhstan temir zholy "held meetings in all branches of the railway to discuss the main directions of the address “New opportunities for development in the conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution ".

Ten main tasks for the continuation of Kazakhstan in the number of developed countries of the world in the era of information technologies and globalization are explained in detail to the labor collectives.

The importance of the Address as a strategic document defining a new vector of development of Kazakhstan was emphasized. Instructions and theses of The heads of state are closely connected with the processes taking place in the advanced countries of the world: this is universal digitization in the sphere of the economy and social security of the population, and modernization in the sphere of education, science and many other branches.

The document focuses on business development and the implementation of digital technologies in business processes. First of all, the Head of State notes, Kazakhstani industry should become the flagship of the implementation of new technologies. Priority also remains for issues related to the "reset" of the financial sector due to the improvement of the banking system, the development of the agro-industrial complex.

One of the most important directions of the Address is the further development of transport and logistics infrastructure. JSC "NC" KTZ "has a specific challenge to bring annual incomes from transit to five billion dollars by 2020, the introduction of digital technologies, and the creation of an intelligent transport system.

The Company is already implementing projects to digitize production processes. In particular, almost all railway stations in Kazakhstan introduced an automated management system for contractual and commercial work (AMS CCW), which made it possible to switch to paperless technology for shipping documents.

In JSC "NC" KTZ" on a systemic basis conditions are created to attract cargo flows, reduce the terms of transportation of goods, increase revenues from transit traffic.

. The quality of services is improving, work is underway to improve electronic ticketing technology, to develop high-speed traffic, to renew rolling stock in the sphere of passenger transportation

JSC "NC" KTZ "is one of the largest employers of the country and a socially responsible organization.

The company pays great attention to the issues of personnel support and for many years has traditionally taken all measures to preserve social stability, improve working conditions, motivate employees.

It should be emphasized that even during the periods of decline in transportation volumes, which had a negative impact on the financial condition of the Company, employees were paid fixed premiums to holidays, due to the increase in freight turnover, and a decision was taken to index wages.

In 2018, wages for all employees of line branches are expected to grow by 10%, the social benefits budget will be 8.9 billion tenge, which is 22% higher than the level of 2017.

During the discussion of the strategic document, it was stressed that the quality and continuity of the transport complex, the sustainable development of the economy of Kazakhstan as a whole, depends on the successful solution of the tasks posed to JSC "NC" KTZ ".

Press-office of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "

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