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JSC "NC" KTZ "and GE Transportation signed the Agreements on the purchase of shunting diesel locomotives and the service of passenger locomotives


The Contracts between JSC NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" and GE Transportation have been signed on the delivery of shunting locomotives and the maintenance of the main passenger locomotives of the TЭП33A series in the 17th January of this year

The documents were signed during the visit of the Head of State N.Nazarbayev to the United States.

Agreements have been reached on the delivery of sets for 300 shunting locomotives, the final assembly of which will be carried out on the basis of JSC “Lokomotiv kurastyru zauyty”. The delivery of the first two locomotives is scheduled for 2019, the rest - in the next 10 years.

The contract for maintenance of 175 passenger locomotives of the TЭP33A series was concluded for a period of 18 years.

"During the years of successful cooperation with GE Transportation, we were convinced of the effectiveness of joint work and the great potential for further development of the strategic partnership.GE technologies were chosen as the main ones for the development of locomotive facilities in Kazakhstan, joint projects were implemented to modernize and service diesel locomotives of the 2TЭ10MK series, to produce freight and passenger locomotives in Astana, "said Kanat Alpysbaev, the head of JSC" NC "KTZ".

"The new agreements are aimed at modernizing our locomotive fleet and will allow expanding the line of locomotives produced in Kazakhstan, and their servicing." He added that "the products will be focused on the needs of Kazakhstan, the CIS market and the Baltic countries. Today we are working on projects within the framework of the program "Digital Railway. The system Trip Optimizer ("Flight Optimizer") is being implemented to improve the efficiency of transportation, "- said K. Alpysbaev.

During the period of cooperation with GE Transportation, “Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty” JSC has produced over 300 modern “Evolution” locomotives for the railway industry in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.

Press-office of JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”


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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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