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In Astana’s operational locomotive depot discussed message of the current year


On January 12 this year in the Astana operational locomotive depot with the participation of vice president for corporate security of JSC "NC" KTZ "Eric Imashev and vice-president for finance Zhaslan Madiev discussed the tasks set in the President's Address" New development opportunities in the conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution ".

The vice-president on corporate security E.Imashev, who addressed the labor collective, dwelt on ten main tasks for the continuation of Kazakhstan's movement to the number of developed countries of the world. This is the digitalization of the industry. Increase of efficiency of use of resource potential. Development of the AIC by introducing "smart technologies" and creating an institutional environment for the development of agriculture. Increasing the efficiency of transport and logistics infrastructure. "Reloading" the financial sphere. Human capital is the basis of modernization. Effective public administration. Fighting corruption and the rule of law. "Clever cities" for the "smart nation".

“The head of state noticed the special importance and role of the transport and logistics complex for sustainable economic growth”, E. Imashev said and stressed that “the Company is facing the task of bringing annual revenues from transit up to $ 5 billion by 2020”.

To accomplish this task, work will continue on increasing transit traffic in the four key areas "West-East" and "North-South". To attract freight flows, the TLC network will develop in key cargo-generating and distribution centers inside the country and abroad.

In passenger transportation, special attention will be paid to improving the level of passenger service, updating the rolling stock.

The vice-president focused on the issues of human capital development - the basis of Kazakhstan's modernization.

"AO"JSC" NC "KTZ", being a socially responsible organization, fulfills its obligations to support personnel, maintain social stability, improve working conditions, motivate employees, "E. Imashev noted.

In light of the requirement to the increase in wages in 2018 by 10%, the increase in the average monthly salary of employees to the level of 2010 will be 2.1 times.

Between AO JSC "NC" KTZ "and its labor collective a new Collective Agreement for 2018-2020 was signed. It provides social guarantees for the protection of labor rights, pay, labor protection, health and recreation for workers and their children.

In light of the requirement the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the document introduces additional standards for improving the social status of employees, and also expanded the list of documents and acts of the employer that require coordination with the trade union. In 2018, the budget of social benefits is provided in the amount of KZT 8.9 billion, which is 22.6% higher than in 2017 and 37.6% by 2016.

Zhaslan Madiyev, Vice-President for Finance of JSC "NC" KTZ ", spoke about the results of the program to increase the efficiency of the activities implemented by the Company in 2017, and focused on measures to achieve financial performance in 2018.

"Specific tasks have been set for JSC" NC "KTZ", for the implementation of which it is necessary to increase the efficiency of labor due to the introduction of new technologies, "said Zh. Madiyev and stressed that" the quality and continuity of the transport complex and the growth of the country's economy depend on the Company's activity generally".

The heads of JSC "NC" KTZ "thanked the participants of the meeting for their readiness to perform the tasks assigned to the team and stressed the role of each employee in achieving the goals.

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