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Mazhilismen discussed the Message of the President to the people of Kazakhstan with the staff of KazATC


At the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications named after M. Tynyshpayev, the staff of the Academy met with deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the meeting with the participation of mazhilismen Beybit Mamrayev and Karibay Musyrman, the development directions outlined in the Message "New Opportunities for Development in the Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" were discussed.

The head of state defined ten main tasks for the continuation of Kazakhstan's movement among the developed countries of the world. Implementation of technological modernization, implementation of the state program of "Digital Kazakhstan", the release of other tasks outlined in the Message, is impossible without the development of human capital, quality education.

"The staff of the academy is doing everything possible to train highly qualified specialists in the transport sphere of the country's economy. Much attention is paid to the quality of training specialists. We have a good material and technical base, developed international relations. Special attention is paid to strengthening the links between the educational process and production, "said the president- rector of AO" KazATC "Bakhytzhan Kuanyshev.

KazATC actively participates in the implementation of a number of international research and production and technical projects, including the development of a feasibility study for the transport and logistics terminal in Lianyungang. Licenses for design and survey activities, accredited laboratories for environmental safety and assessment of working conditions, testing of access routes to facilities, software, etc. have been obtained.

The deputies remarked that the academy has enough experience in training highly qualified personnel for the transport sphere. This experience would be useful for other educational institutions in many areas of training. On the basis of KazATC it is proposed to hold a round table on training issues, taking into account modern requirements.

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