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"Nomad" will connect the transit corridor "East - West"


The paperless technology for the processing of Nomad's transport documents is being introduced into the pilot mode in the port of Kuryk.

The digital platform "Nomad" is aimed at the integration of information systems of all participants in the transportation process. It will be an intermediate electronic document exchange accompanying export, import, transit cargo.

The system of paperless cargo clearance technology successfully functions in the FEZ "Khorgos - Eastern Gate", and now there is an integration with the port of Kuryk.

"Collecting to the places of origin of cargo in China, this information will be replenished along the route and enter our unified system" Nomad ". Customers can track the progress of their deliveries. The information will also be available to other participants of the transportation process as they approach the border crossings. This will speed up the processing and processing procedures, "says M.Saktaganov, general director of Port Kuryk LLP.

"Nomad" will also connect the Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan sea ports - Aktau, Kuryk, Baku and Alyat. In the long term the electronic document management will cover the entire East-West transit corridor

The information corridor will provide the security of supply, reduce the processing time of goods at borders. Integration of the systems of all participants in the transportation process will increase the transparency of cargo transportation, reduce the influence of the human factor, and minimize corruption risks.

The introduction of digital technologies makes it possible to effectively manage transport flows and increase transit traffic.

Press Service of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy"

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