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Collective Agreement for 2018-2020 between JSC KTZ-Freight Transportation and the labor collective entered into force

labor collective entered into force

The collective agreement between JSC KTZ - Freight Transportation and the labor collective was signed in December 2017 by the heads of the Company and the Trade union.

The document provides for social guarantees for the protection of labor rights, payment, health and recreation of employees.

In 2018, the social benefits budget provides for more than 4.5 billion kzt, which is 16% more than in 2017.

The collective agreement gives paramount importance to issues of labor protection and industrial safety of workers. To solve this key problem, the Company adopted a set of measures to create safe and harmless working conditions, preventive and sanitary services for railway workers.

"In 2018, according to labor legislation, an amount of 1% of the wage fund fees in all branches of our company ", - says Ivan Kostyrya, VP of KTZ – Freight Transportation.

Last year in the Atyrau, Aktobe, Almaty, Mangistau sections of the road modern mobile sanitary and household blocks were purchased. The same blocks will be purchased in other branches of Freight Transportation.

The Company took care of the full provision of people with overalls, special footwear, and personal protective equipment. Based on the results of attestation of more than 2,000 workplaces, a corresponding surcharge for harmful working conditions is made.

"The work of the railroad worker is associated with unfavorable factors. This is both physical and psycho-emotional overload, and the traveling nature of the work, and noise, vibration, long stay in the open air, " notes I. Kostyria and adds that "the Company pays special attention to medical care. "

As a result of the implementation of the production program for the improvement of employees in 2017, there was a decrease in industrial injuries in such a factor as a sudden deterioration in health, by 50%.

The newly adopted production program for employees' health improvement includes the following basic directions: mandatory preliminary, periodic and preventive medical examinations of workers engaged in harmful, dangerous and unfavorable working conditions, connected with the movement of trains and dangerous factors of the working environment, pre-trip the survey of workers, the organization of work of engineering and medical brigades. Since 2016, a visiting medical commission has been successfully operating at remote stations and outreach.


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