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A new Collective Agreement is signed in JSC NC KTZ

December 15, between JSC NC KTZ and the Company's labor collective a collective agreement for 2018-2020 was signed.

The document was signed by the head of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Kanat Alpysbaev and the chairman of the Public Association "Kazakhstan Industrial Trade Union of Railway, Automobile, Air and Water Transport Workers" Orazgali Ahmetbaev.

The collective agreement enters into force on January 1, 2018.

The Collective Agreement provides for social guarantees for the protection of labor rights, payment, labor protection, health and recreation for workers and their children.

The list of employees receiving social benefits includes employees of the Company - participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, international soldiers, workers who alone raise two or more children.

 Amendments and additions were made to the procedure for reimbursement of expenses for Company employees for travel (including in transit trains) once a year.

"Today we adopted the most important document. It is the key to the stability of the work collective and the industry as a whole. JSC NC KTZ is working hard to ensure the labor rights of railway workers and all social obligations. For 2018, the budget of social benefits for the Group of Companies has been increased by 27%,"  Kanat Alpysbayev said.

"We signed a document that takes into account the interests of both the work collective and the national Company," Orazgali Akhmetbaev said.

A similar document will be signed in the Company's subsidiaries, including JSC KTZ-Freigh Transportation.

The Chairman of "KAZPROFTRANS" congratulated on the main state holiday - Independence Day and handed over to the head of the Company the anniversary sign "25th anniversary of Kazakhstan Industrial Trade Union of Railway, Automobile, Air and Water Transport Workers".

Press-office of JSC NC KTZ


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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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